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Here's The 5 Real Faces behind (Santa Claus) Posted on Fri, Dec 29, 2006 01:18
I want to give thanks to all that got into the Christmas spirit, and passed on the good cheer of Christmas, and showed what really was in their hearts. I want thank Boopster, for jumping in and creating fun and keeping everyone's spirits up. I never talked to her before and sure learnt this lady has got a wonderful heart of gold. Hugs to you Boopster. You?re a real lady with Class. Thank you Mariana for keeping my secret and also for keeping the fun and games on the blog. Love you always Mariana. A genuine lady. Here are the real faces of Santa, Thank you to all of you. Starting with Santa 5# Was "DebbieinItaly", I can't tell you how much I laughed and enjoyed her great sense of humor, funny Santa photos, and Leaving herself Santa treats everywhere?..Thank you so much Debbie, you are the best. She did a fantastic job. Nobody guessed her out. Clever girl. Santa 4# Was "Winehrh" She was just great, I loved her great wit and sincere words. This lady was perfect for the Job. She was a hard one to guess out but Debbie finally got it lol. Santa 3# Was "LovelyLotus" She never had much of a chance as she got guessed out the 2nd day. LL has a great heart and I thank you for being Santa. Santa 2# Was" NICEgirl1268" She's a doll, but was guessed out too soon. She's a sweet lady, and thank you Tina. The Original Santa, Well by now you know my face and my name "Alluringat45." Thank you all for your lovely letters and poems and prayers. I had a lot of fun. Thank you all. It's a great time to take a break from blogs, from what I just came back to, so I plan on doing just that, and focusing on new plans for next year. I wish you all a wonderful New Year. Cheers Alluring
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My Best Christmas Gift! Posted on Tue, Dec 26, 2006 09:11
I got a warm hug and a lovely kiss from Mrs. Santa Claus!! What did you get for Christmas?
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****The Sleigh is Packed!!!**** Posted on Sat, Dec 23, 2006 11:34
Checked all the lists twice (three times actually as I didn't have my glasses on the second time). Sleigh serviced, Landing gear inspected and cleared for go time. All the reindeer are fed, harnessed and itchin' to go. Rudolph's nose serviced and tested (he had a slight cold last week). Pep talk given one more time as he still struggles with self-doubt. GPS set and ready to flip the switch for world-wide tracking. (See various web sites for exact up-to-date location.) Weather system tracker checked. Maps displayed. Reading glasses on board. (Extra pair "just in case"). Flight plan logged with FAA. Gave Elves the annual "Thank You" talk with tickets and all expenses paid trips to Hawaii for their continued dedication and tireless work to make this season bright for tiny tots (and not so tiny ones) everywhere around the world. Christmas suit pressed and ready for wear. Johnny on the Spot loaded on sleigh. Throat lozenges, handy wipes and antibacterial lotion in "go bag". Extra memory erasing magic dust on hand for the persnickety children catching Santa in the act! I think I'm all set! And now Mrs. Claus is preparing a lovely healthy, hearty meal to tide me over for 24 hours. Cookies and milk won't be on the menu. So one last message before I take flight: This season is a time to reflect on the year being ever so thankful for things like health, warm homes, food and those that care and love us. It is a time to bring grace and goodness sharing love to each other and a hope for a better tomorrow. As the spirit of Christmas was meant for hearts to be opened, touched and filled, sharing and caring to reflect our gratefulness, remember that there are those whose lives are blessed simply from those remembering to offer a smile, a thank you, a hug and sometimes a shoulder for comfort. Kindness and Hope are the gifts we can give that are timeless. Each one possesses the ability to offer such gifts to another. It's the choice we make to be this gift to one another. May you chose to be that gift in the simplest of ways during this season and in all days to come...and may ALL YOUR CHRISTMASES BE BRIGHT! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!! HO HO HO Love to all, Santa #5
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Santa Claus Is Calling Bobbyfischer To The Front of The Lin Posted on Sat, Dec 23, 2006 01:24
Last time I checked my*Nice List* Bobby you shined bright for your inspiration to the blog board. I am sorry to hear you are walking away Bobby. If you want to make a change, walking away isn't the answer. People like you that are highly respected and very well liked are the ones that can make a difference. Many come and go, but it's members like yourself that are the foundation of this blog board. Santa Can't do it all by himself and is asking you to reconsider. Bobby is one of the honest and best men on Santa's Super Nice List May you have a wonderful Christmas Bobby. I ask the members of this blog board to encourage him to return. Santa is asking for your help please. Santa Claus #1
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