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chat anyone? Posted on Thu, Oct 02, 2008 21:09
so i've tried to chat with a number of people.. no chat room.. but i'd like to say hello.. or something?!?!?
20somethings vs 30somethings Posted on Mon, May 15, 2006 15:58
I'm sure I'll get hatemail from this.. but I'm putting this out there as I have in my profile.. I enjoy dating older men.. but as always.. I offer the following disclaimer.. the 20somethings are different from the 30somethings.. My biological clock is not ticking, I don't seek commitment straightaway, an "agreement" of sorts works out, and I'm not offended if we don't speak every day.. considering my first "welcome" email to this site was from a bitter 30somethings.. my advice to you darlin... If you expect to find happiness #1 - Relax it will happen #2 - Stop pressuring men.. (they tend to freak out with the C word) #3 - Remember.. whats meant to be will be.. ok sorry for the rant.. -Maresa
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