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You know ....who I am......oi have a new blog spot. But here I get response and intellect.     I am dead at life, people and wwell the is right. Mean is wrong. Truth is truth and pain causes pain. My blog is on Cindy relish.  ,com respond it would be a favor. I will syay on here,., maybe I will meet the love of my life?who knows 


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Cindy Relish....and the big bad wolf.. Posted on Mon, Aug 05, 2013 00:00

I am at a loss how to start this entry.

I am scared sh#t##sh 

I want a hero...with a sense of humour and lives in the grey.

Bad advice to my readers. I have watched men and women crushed by people who entered their life only looking foraan ego boast. They are searching for someone who are so crazy about them they will take anything they can get.

I now go back to the movie "say Anything"...John Cusack with his boom blaster over his hair playin a love song.

Stand outside with a broken radio playing "Every Breath You Take"   thanx sting

Boys, rock and the girl how amazed you are. Take a chance. Magic happens when you actually put yourself out there



Cindy Relish Facing a Curve Ball Posted on Sat, Aug 03, 2013 00:00

Every day you meet a siyuation that throws you ba curve ball, ultamiyly you can't catch. Usually it is painful. Makes you humble. makes you feel small. Stop and think....a curve ball by definition is meant to defeat you. 

Instead. Let it challenge you to hiy it straight on the next time it is thrown your way. I have had an awful time of iy lately. But no one is dead, sick or hurt. So I can abd will master the art of hitting thatt stupid ball or ducking it completely.



Cindy Relish Hi.....I am back,,,, Posted on Thu, Aug 01, 2013 00:00

What does back mean? Nothing here we go gangsters.....

are you happy? Nope is my guess. Hope you are, but really, you are reading me. 

My thoughts for is short. Love the ones  you believe in. Doubt you. Regret knowing you.

They know not how much you care. How much they might miss, Forgive them, love them, protect them to your own death 

It is not hard being real..... It is a bitch being fake and not ,living uup to who you believe yourself to be.

go out there 

be all that you were meant to be

A Good Person

best Lisa