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Always there Posted on Jun 28, 2008 at 07:37 PM
Always there Though at times hard visualize Floating in the nebula of Divine purity Light and dark had no corruption. Balanced in total bliss Completely entwined Blending in unity for all eternity. Then this dream Ripping, piercing, corrupting with thoughts alien Gasping, grasping, and screaming as light of this world burns through now blurred vision. Panic floods my solid thoughts. Where are you? Why can I not feel you? Waiting for this dream to end never knowing what lies in wait. Without ever needing to know your name for there was never separation before. Song once so siren lost to mortal scream Betrayal, denial, sadness. What are these? Why does memory fade with each blink of an eye? Then with time this dream becomes more reality. Dream's in the night fading with morning light. Till one day this new dream lingers and I remember. You were always there Always by my side if only but a dream The pain of ego's corruption just an illusion Your radiance piercing the clouded mind Love so pure if only for a moment Thought lost and drowning at sea Do I only now realize the calming breeze Rising to the top now floating on a cloud In the reflection of her eyes do I finally find my Divine quest at end. The rhythm of two souls as one. In that simple moment of recognition all doubts and fears laid waste and mortality brings back memories of an eternity of balance and Divine love. Entwined once more the dreaming time crosses through time and space once more have no meaning. What was once thought lost never was. Now more precious the love felt Even ego's grasp can not forget The purest radiance of your soul that illuminates every pore. Blissful as Springs early whisper upon Winter's ear. My love you bring a smile of joyful glee upon my soul. Unconditional love to a conscious that now knows no bounds.
Love Posted on Jun 26, 2008 at 07:52 PM
To see it in you all Yet to have lost it within myself This potential which radiates through the soul Maybe it is being so close to the abyss That allows me to see that which is most dear to me Ego's cloak wrapped so tight Fighting from within why can't I give in? Finding inspiration from source unfound A voice yet unheard set's ego's cloak asunder That glow so familiar yet can it be From me that heart beats with truth of love? Rain drops cascading to the ground It's source found in the clouds crossing mine eyes At last the blind begger now sees Immortality of being lies within the Divinity of soul The One breathed love into our shell's Waking the soul within instinctually Born into this world to send and recieve love Taking this potential that is love and evolving Sending it out once more to be found by another To add to and send it along in an infinite mobius loop Love is instinctual and knows no bounds Never give up on it for it will never give up on you It is as impossible as it is immortal Love in the end Just simply is.
Catching rain drops in time Posted on Jun 22, 2008 at 08:43 PM
What is time, But one drop of rain in the infinite universe of liquidity. Living in each moment there is no time. Only the space of reality upon which your foundation knows no bounds. Is it any different with love? Only the space upon which your heart and soul has purchased in the moment can it be realized. Then is it left to the mind to grasp such moments? Less the moment is lost and one drop of rain falls burdened with the led weight of time. For is it not when love is lost that we feel the weight of time upon us? Living in each moment seems impossible and the rain turns to torrents of tears. My mind may never fully grasp this concept Yet here I sit in the rain of the moment. Time has no hold and reality is mine to choose. Why does it take some till deaths door to see? In the end maybe because the physical world and Ego's stubborn hold upon it could not let go. When nothing else matters and there is nothing to gain It is then that a soul finds there is nothing to loose. As the mind goes quiet time becomes nothing and everything at once. The Mobius Continum makes all the impossible possible as the soul leaps from physical body to infinite love. Why wait for death's last gasp? Realize the potential of each moment. Casting time's heavy gravity aside. Immortality awaits the bold who would catch the universe in one rain drop of infinite love.
The Selfish me Posted on Jun 12, 2008 at 08:09 PM
The selfish me The selfish me will not wait Pacing, stomping, rushing, and running a mucking Grabbing minds attention with ego's self-inflation. Patience must give into more practical things; like instant gratification, notoriety, greed, lust. Now? Yes, now it can not wait! Consequences be damned! Sacrifice tomorrow for the pleasure of today! What can be more important than me? Only me isn't it obvious Just look and tell what you see I have no use for needs Please! Shiny, pretty, expensive things will only suit my needs! What? That breeze. Oh NO! I want to sneeze! Patience, calm? Think I am going to be sick. You think you've won? Higher self is it now to be? Yet even you will see. No matter how hard you deny. Selfish me will have my wants eventually. For human is this shell flawed and beautiful. Thus my will be done Through each crack Soul's grace can never truly hold me back. Demons? HA! Don't make me laugh I am more demon than you will ever need Hell? Is the conscious Soul that would keep me bound So be a good mate and put a good word in We could use a few shiny baubles. Promise to be me....VvvV LP
Awakenings Posted on May 26, 2008 at 08:45 PM
Awakenings The soul has all eternity to unfold Yet while we are placed in mortal mold For a time our soul's sleep fitfully In that space between slumber and awake Ego's frantic whispers cause panic Screaming time is running out and "I" will end When dire is the hour so to does the soul awake Beaten down with hope lost Ego gives over it's hold The silent vibration of a sigh as frequency matches pitch All thoughts of here and now stop Space and time loose their grip Physical limitations stripped bare Vibrations rippling louder till at last The wall deep within shatters like glass And the soul of the man takes hold Remembering the foundation that was laid down so long ago Every blessing, every sacrifice made on your behalf, every teacher, Every loved one, every good deed done, and every good word spoken Ego's last gift pulling all those thoughts within As the soul merges into physical from deep within The frequency ripples up and out flowing like a fountain Cascading infinitely out into the universe What seemed impossible before Now only the adversary can stand in awe Magic lies within reach at that moment For mind, body, and soul are one No matter the previous failures you will not fall! For the Divine laid the foundation of love long before birth The soul within ever so patiently waiting to awaken Ignite the inferno of the three within Then watch time and space begin to crumble Eternity lies within each moment as impossible becomes reality We see the Holy Trinity of mind, body, and soul Finally evolve into one truth.
For Boldnsexy (Hope!) Posted on May 24, 2008 at 08:42 PM
There are times of weakness, times when no matter how many souls are around still you feel alone. There are times you feel so sick, you wonder how can you continue. To surrender this gift, this curse. It would be so peacefull, allowing the soothing, hypnotic swirls of the ebon abyss to claim you. So, you fall. Yet, there it is that brilliant flash, the memories of season's past. A spark ignited, it's flame burns stronger. It's embers spreading, as it consumes the soul in a raging inferno of....Hope! Coursing through your veins, this fire rages to your heart. Somehow, your heart beat gains strength, sending that fire of hope into your lungs. Heart and lungs joined as one, nourishing your body with hope. Hope that only the soul within can give. Eyes bolting open as you realize! I am falling into the abyss! Not ready, arms reach out for anything. Is it to late? Then your hands find hold, your eyes focusing. Finding many pairs of eyes gazing upon you. Further focusing what do you see, many hands reaching out for your's. Who are these souls? Your friends, and family. For you were never alone, each giving a piece of themselves. Giving you strength, health, and Hope!
Today Questing for Inspiration Posted on May 23, 2008 at 09:21 PM
What can be found when diving deeper into my fellow bloggers hearts? What is on the surface is for anyone to see, but lies just beneath?In 90% of what I write I try to inspire those that might find their gaze upon my writings. Most of what I write I do so from my own life experiences or from the emotion felt from those around me.Today I simply ask.....Please inspire me with something.
Knight or Jester? Posted on May 21, 2008 at 09:15 PM
Knight or Jester? Always a gentlemen as you will see. Removing my helm with a noble bow Your radiant soul humbles the jester Yet reminds the knight of humility. Can you see me now? Have you guessed that which I am? Yet your kindness might say that I am both. Though you would be wrong. If it is a knight then what a horrible knight I must be. For what knight would so easily forget purpose of being? To run from the battle before it has truly begun. That is no knight indeed. If it is a jester then surely the joke is on me. To have taken so much with nothing to show. For nobility to have a laugh or two then on their way. A jester maybe the juries still out. The shadows of the past no longer a joke. They cling to my soul like a dark winter's cloak. Though if it's true and hindsight is twenty / twenty. Then surely my vision must match an eagles eye. Yet in the end Knight or Jester both would seek the same. Searching for redemption but never really expecting it to be found. The Knight's humility unable to find himself worthy The Jester's irony unable to fathom sincerity. Only one thing left to do Give into that which both have abound The heart to give freely to those loved And the soul within to give voice to the heart. ~One Knight of the Light~ LP
Winks ; ) Posted on May 17, 2008 at 06:51 PM
A hard decision made. However, after seeing some of the profiles of the wonderful women here at MM I have to agree with them. Many have disabled their winks. It makes sense to them for if a man can not find the words to from his heart to catch your eye. Then why wink? So here I am disabling my own wink whether genius or folly maybe you can tell me. I think my blogs and my profile represent me well. Many of you have written wonderful replies, or we email back and forth. The thing is I am looking for my soul's great love. I have dreamed about her since I was a boy. Her courage and patience in finding me simply outshines my own perseverance. So I would hope that she would take the time to write to me either in replies to my blogs or email me if she is to be found here. For surely I have done the same. Though I do not know your name still I seek to find you. Never asking anything of you that I would not do myself. So tell me is this to bold? Or is it the course needed to aid my quest? ~One Knight in the Light~ LP
A Soul's thirst Posted on May 16, 2008 at 08:18 PM
A Soul's Thirst Earning your trust Finding your love so willingly given I smile thinking of you And what you mean to me Something deep within The basement of my mind stirs At first I cannot place it's want Then remembering with vivid detail Of the depth less oceans of your eyes Leading me to the Divine Feeling the want grow stronger A thirst to see you once more To hear your soft melodic voice Talking of hopes and desires With each new thought The thirst so much greater As if on the sand's of Sahara at noon With only mirages to torment this thirst Some how I must quench this thirst To once again be lost In those ocean's of your eyes Where my thirst is instantly sated By the wondrous love of your soul Finally coming home my soul made whole Greeted with a kiss Soft as goose down on my lips Sweeter than the finest honey Diving deep into those eyes so bright They dance with mischievous glee I finally see what is before me That my thirst will always be Unquenchable without you next to me One Knight in the Light, LP
Mother's Day Posted on May 09, 2008 at 09:17 PM
From the day we are born to this world love is given. She worked so hard to bring us out into this bright noisy world. Helping to give us a foundation in our lives to stand solidly upon, and love us so unconditionally. Protecting us like a mother tiger against any odds she stands. Regardless of our flaws she picks us up when we fall. Why? All because she loves you. So Remember her this Sunday. Whether here or watching down from above she is always watching over you. Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers who have worked so hard to make us something more than what we ever thought we could be. Thank you for seeing the potential in us even when we thought hope was lost. One Knight in the Light, LP
Speaking without words Posted on May 07, 2008 at 04:07 PM
Speaking without words for once thoughts become bound within the boundaries of words, such words can never convey the emotion and intensity of such thoughts. Without a word but shown within each embrace as the strength of heart is felt melting through every pore into the soul of that which I embrace. Felt in the quickening of the heart beat till it matches in rhythm with it's partners intensity. Within the depth less oceans that lead to the soul. Where finally emotion is heard without a word, and a smile spreads like wildfire from within and love is found. One Knight in the Light, LP
Hmm... What will it take? Posted on May 01, 2008 at 08:37 PM
What will it take to find Heaven within the soul of the one I seek? The standard is set so high beyond the ego's eye. Fear can freeze the heart let your Heavenly gaze ignite this souls furnace once more. Heart ablaze in glorious joy Fear burned to ash as unconditional love is finally found. What will it take to find Heaven in the soul of the one I seek? One Knight in the Light, LP
Life calls Posted on Apr 05, 2008 at 07:20 PM
For that which was a good audience and outlet for my writing. I bid adieu. Life needs to be lived to the fullest and without holding back. Happiness in love and peace of heart and mind to all who seek that which they are missing. LP
Precious gift Posted on Mar 31, 2008 at 08:09 PM
Crying for pain of ego Running through life Blinders on forgetting precious gift given Screeching screaming to a halt With only silence echoing in the wind One life gone another hanging by a thread In one instant mortality grips the heart Where is my child? Do they know I love them? After the code given and sprinting to the phone Trembling fingers fumbling to find speed dial Each pause between rings an eternity of silence Till the small voice answers....Hello? Laughing at the silliness my crackling voice Just calling to tell you I love you... Such a simple thing to say Yet one that every parent does not get to say One child is now one parent less So never take your life for granted It is a precious gift received In our race to grow up we sometimes forget The precious little things that mean so dear Always take the time to remind Those who are loved know they are With unconditional joy in your heart And say a prayer for the little one Whose life is hanging by a thread Now one parent less
One less friend Posted on Mar 28, 2008 at 08:16 PM
One less friend That which is Always was That which can be again Though truth be told It should never be bold For the one seeking it May only want a lie This lesson learned No matter the student Will cause great pain And one less friend do I find For though truth be said Seekers not ready will blindly blame Those who would only help Though I still pray for those in distress Still I sit here with one friend less Until that which once was Can become that which is once again
Inspired by a Breeze Posted on Mar 18, 2008 at 08:15 PM
Gentle breezes dancing through her hair Two random locks tickle her nose Brushing them back soul's oceans revealed Soft lips smiling with sensual radiance Sparks this man's soul into motion Truth be told this poet's at a loss For no words can justify that which he see's A painting may tell a thousand words Then a million more may be found in the moment of her smile. Only a simple man yet still I dream If only I had found my voice To feel beauty's radiance once more. LP
A knights code Posted on Mar 16, 2008 at 08:52 PM
Transcendence beyond all boundaries uniting ourselves through humanities grace. A Knight's Code still remains the standard by which all should strive to attain. 1. A knight is true and a peace with their God. a) A knight is not just a Christian but can be of any religion or none at all. b) Having faith in something greater than one's self. c) Being a friend even in toughest of times. 2. A knight is trustworthy a) Always honor your word 3. A knight owns themselves a) No influence or substance dictates their life or the lives of those around them 4. A knight thinks before speaking a) Once words are spoken they are bound by their word 5. A knight has a profound sense of self-respect a) Giving of their time and skill without being a doormat 6. A knight uses wisdom and discretion in word and deed a) Understanding consequences of both b) Considerate and compassionate in all things 7. A knight takes daily action to fortify a) Body ~ Maintain the physical self b) Mind ~ Seek knowledge and wisdom through reading/writing/art c) spirit ~ Through prayer/meditation 8. A knight is confident but abhores arrogance a) One who displays himself does not shine b) One who justifies has no glory c) One who boasts of his own ability has no merit d) One who parades his own success will not endure 9. A knight is strong and yet gentle with women/children/animals a) Through your strength protect the weak b) Strength has many forms what is your strength 1) to heal medically those in need 2) To speak for those who have no voice 3) To listen when no one else would 4) To use strength of force only when no option is left 10. A knight activates their brain before using brawn a) Think it through before using force b) Blind rage in conflict whether in word or deed causes only more harm to self c) Consequences of your words and deeds 11. A knight uses grace and dignity in words and actions 12. A knight honors and reveres women and their feminine nature a) Love without meaning is only lust and will fade b) Love with meaning has no beginning nor end. 13. A knight has a passionate respect for nature and mother earth a) Protecting and giving back to mother earth for that which she gives to us so selflessly Looking at this code I hear in these words many different religions. I hear Christian's apostle's creed, the Tao's wise sages, the Celtic Druids, and I am sure if you listen you will hear the words of your religion calling out to you. Even if you don't believe in religion all you need is a set of morales or something you can believe in. I will tell you following this way of life is hard. I can look at this code and say with certainty that I have failed all thirteen in my life repeatedly. Yet because I have even for the shortest of time attained this way of life I am better for it. And because I falter I see the imperfections and so strive that much harder to get back to that way of life. If everyone strived to work on just the first five parts of this code imagine the results. Once you begin working on even the first step you may find all the others falling into place in time. Accept the fact that we are flawed and will falter at times, but also take action when we do falter. It just may change your way of life. This is in response to a request on what is a knights code. Please forgive any misspellings as it is late. Peace to all! LP
She knows Posted on Mar 14, 2008 at 07:27 PM
She Knows She is here before me Yet I have not seen her face Her words like triphammer Driving their depth and meaning Beyond my simple mind With a perspective That pierces the soul Yet her voice I have not heard Laughing with me Never at me She knows who she is I can sense her Mischevious smile dancing upon her lips Because of her I can never be That which I once was Forever changed My hunger for life's lessons Now has no bounds I honor you my love For no one else Has caused me to pause Nor challenged my views Of this world around me And for that I thank you With perspectives anew Found with humillities grace With such a radiant face Dance with me Upon the shore's of faith Where waves of unconditional love Infinitly ebb and swell to the beating of our hearts
Finding Grace Posted on Mar 14, 2008 at 07:22 PM
To protect that which is precious. Questing for that which can never be truly found externally, and ignoring the pain of falling through the glass shards and gravel in this search. Picking yourself up and pushing on even when giving up would be bliss For the Abyss always swirling just beneath conciousness whispers of disasters to come. Faltering is not an option! For to falter in this quest means the end of something more than self. So instead you recite the purpose from which you have latched hold of in this life. Be true and at peace with your God in whatever form the Divine might be to you Respect yourself and the divine spark in all creation Be a trusted friend and ally always honoring your word Own yourself and let no substance or addiction run your life Being spiritually, mentally, and phyiscally strong you seek to help those who can not help themselves Having a light heart and a sense of humor but knowing when a joke can become destructive Use grace and dignity in words as well as in deeds Taking responsibility for your words and actions When halfway through the prayer you realize that though you will fall at times for the imperfections of being human. The only hope of redemption is getting up and brushing yourself off. Taking the abyssal darkness and throwing it screaming into the Divine light where there is no hiding in the shadows. Everything you do and say has an effect upon another whether you realize it or not. Never give up for the Divine spark will never give up on you.