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  • email me! I'm brininging my teenagers......but, would like to meet up with friends in the late evening...we're staying on the old part of the strip (have to be near the adventure dome - those with teens understand!)..... LindaDFW
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Hillary Please QUIT Yapping - You're Making Women Look Bad!! Posted on Oct 11, 2016 at 07:18 AM

With all the petty wah wah wah finger pointing (with her four other fingers pointing right back at her) nonsense all over the news is is fast making America a laughing stock on international scales.  


SHUT UP Hillary and quit throwing stones with your femine running mate being just as embarrassing to watch - he's even more femine than you are and incredibly annoying too!!!   You've lost every female voter I know at this point and you're about to lose the assistance of those who rig elections (how Obama got in for a second term as litterally no one voted for him).   So Stop Before All Women and your election "riggers" stop supporting you too. 


The world knows you do not pay taxes in your government role, so quit being jealous of Trump regarding taxes as he pays billions through his employees alone.  If you actually paid taxes as an elected official, you'd help reduce the federal deficit substantially on your own.  Your $250 million made off of us tax payers tax free as a government official is digusting so quit throwing stones when you yourself have so so so much to hide (why Bill was so clingy to women as you wouldn't do your wifely duties as you prefer women so I"m told by lots of friends who attended your "early years" parties for Bill." 


Women in general are NOT as VINDICTIVE and NASTY as you make us out to be - so STOP - Please STOP Hillary - Stop NOW - the Constant YAPPING with nothing but repetitious jibberish is embarrassing to all of us women!!!

Carnival Cruise -- July 21-28, 2013 Out of Galveston Posted on Jul 01, 2013 at 07:41 AM

Shouldn't trust them and have avoided their cruise lines for years as they'd poisoned me with bad fish years ago (anitbiotics several months - never sued but probably should have). Risking one more time July 21st - 28th with my youngest in university before she uses her summers off to wrap up school.

What's the best disposable cell to use on the ship (track phone, net 10, etc). Best wifi for laptop when abroad (Belieze, Carribean)?  Anyone else going with their kiddo(s) on this date/ location?  Paranoid about taking Carnival too?  Thx much for the "heads up" on BEST cell /portable wifi signals on cruise ships - much appreciated!  Linda :)