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Important Notice - Trolls Posted on Wed, May 10, 2006 07:35
For those who are New to the Discussion/Blog/Forum Board Routine - occasionally a Phenomena occurs called Trolling - and there is a Creature that is known as a Troll. Trolls enter in - and take pleasure in disrupting the discussions. It's a Game. They don't see you as a human being - just a cyber being - and the more chaos they start - and the more feelings they hurt - the more discord they can create - well.....that's Success and Achievement to them. They Enjoy That. You can't be kind to them - you can't reason with them - you can't negotiate with them. The more you do - The More You Feed The Troll. They thrive on that. They love the attention. The best way to deal with it - is to IGNORE them, completely. DO NOT FEED THEM. Any acknowledgment that they are even here - is food for them. Letting them frustrate you or being Hurt by them is what they Feed On. They have Won their Game, if you let it effect you. Simply IGNORE - and it will go away. Ignoring them, is the only thing that works. If it upsets you so much - just take a break from posting for a while - and come back later - odds are they will have moved on to another Board that is FEEDING them. DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS if you want them to go away. IGNORE THEM. Even writing this message, is FOOD for them. But I've been on other message boards - and wanted to share What Works. Every once in a while - you may also have to post a simple reminder, to someone - Do Not Feed The Trolls - if you see someone becoming affected by their behavior. If you decide to leave for a while - until the Troll leaves - don't write some big Farewell Note to the group, full of gushy, heartbreaking, sentimental crap. Again - this is More Food for the Troll. And - if you continually talk about how upsetting the whole thing is, and how they have ruined it for the regulars or newbies - then you are Feeding The Troll. DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS.
Airport Bar Posted on Mon, Apr 10, 2006 20:54
OK - I just can't take another minute of these Discouraging Blogs - and all the Discontent. Let's Pretend that This Web Site is an Airport Bar. Your Plane is Delayed. (now - the plane is a metaphor for The One). You've got 2 Hours to Kill. You can sit in an uncomfortable chair at the gate - and whine and moan - or you can walk to the Bar - have a Cocktail - meet some interesting people from all corners of the world - enjoy some Good Conversation - and Learn a few things. You have No Criteria - No Agenda - No Mission - and you Enjoy Yourself. While waiting for The Plane - you make a Connection with Someone. Sure - they live 1000 miles away from You - but they're Cool - and you enjoy talking to them - you've got time to spare - no where else to go - and it doesn't matter anyway - but you Click. And that's the end of that. You go about your Life for a few months. You start thinking about this person you met at the Airport Bar. Life is Good - but you wonder about them. You send an email - you swap correspondence - a few phone calls - you become Life Long Friends - maybe even a Plan to meet someday - but No Pressure - No Time Frame. You go about your Life for a few months, more. One thing leads to another - and before you know it - some kind of awesome relationship is established with this Cool Person - and Everything Falls into Place. Now - if you had sat in that Uncomfortable Chair - Moaning and Whining - while waiting for Your Plane - Where would you be right now? and in a few months? and in a Year?