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  • Did it ever happen to you to think after a big fight with your partner, that there must be quite a few secrets men hide from women? Well, you couldn’t be more right! Just like most women have some dirty little secrets they like to hide from everybody else, you must know that there are a few common secrets men hide from women. They...

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Nice And Naughty Drinking ;) Posted on Oct 18, 2013 at 02:29 AM

Anytime is a good time to partake in some nice and naughty drinking games to spice up your love life! Drinking games are a fun and mischievous way to spend some sexy time with your significant other in the comfort of your own home. Who knows what the night will bring after a few drinks and some nice and naughty drinking games?! Keep reading for some ideas and plan your next date night!


Russian Roulette

For this next drinking game, you’re going to need to gather all of your shot glasses or borrow some from a friend. Russian roulette is perfect to play if you have some friends over but it can be done with two people as well. Place all of your shot glasses on a table and fill all but one with water. You’re going to fill the last one up with vodka and the other person will shuffle the glasses around. Next, everyone takes a shot and the person who drinks the vodka has to perform a dare. As the game goes on, increase the number of glasses filled with vodka!


Flip, Sip Or Strip

Flip, sip or strip is one of the naughtier drinking games on this list and it’s a whole lot of fun too! All you need is a coin to flip, alcohol and a wild imagination! Here’s what you do! Flip the coin and guess if it’s heads or tails. If you get it right, you do nothing. But if you get it wrong once, you down a shot. Get it wrong two times and you have to take off a piece of clothing. This game is normally played with at least three people, but I don’t think you’ll have any problems having a good time with just the two of you!


Blind Mate

Do you think you know your partner’s body? Well, let’s put it to the test with this next naughty drinking game. One person will be blindfolded and the other will be naked. The naked person will guide the blindfolded person’s hand to a body part but only the index finger gets to touch. The blindfolded player tries to guess the body part. If they get it right, the nude person drinks. If they get it wrong, the blindfolded person is fed a drink!


Chutes And Ladders

Do you remember playing this old children’s game? Well, once you play the adult version, you’ll never think of the game in the same way again! You’re going to play the game according to the directions but when you go up a ladder, you take a shot. And when you go down a chute, you have to take off a piece of clothing. I’m sure you can see how things can get interesting very quickly!


Body Shots

Another sexy drinking game to play with your love is Body Shots. You’ll need a pair of dice, paper, a writing utensil and, of course, liquor. Write down six body parts and number them on a piece of paper; do the same with several ways to take a shot, like lick or suck. A player rolls the dice and takes one of the papers to see how they’ll be taking their shot. One dice determines where on the body the shot will be taken and the second determines how it’ll be taken!


You're Faking It!

If your partner is shy about expressing their sexual fantasies, this is a great way to get them to open up! The way you play this game is for one person to start describing parts of their fantasy. It can be something nice and simple or naughty and very descriptive. While the person is describing their sexy wishes, an occasional lie or two is supposed to be thrown into the mix. If the person on the listening end picks up on the lie, he or she says "You're faking it!" If it was a lie, the person describing the fantasy must drink. If the listening person was wrong, they drink twice.


Striptease Dice

This is a really simple game to play that will heat things up pretty quickly! All you need are some drinks and a dice. Player one rolls the dice, if it's an even number, take a drink. If it landed on an odd number, take off a piece of clothing. This is a really easy way to either get super drunk or naked quickly! 








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Lies that women tell but often won’t admit to ;) Posted on Oct 17, 2013 at 04:15 AM

It’s definitely not just men that lie to women, as there are plenty of lies that women tell men too, even if we don’t often admit to it. Just like many of the lies that men tell us, most of the common lies that women tell men are told just to avoid conflict, but lying will always cause problems in a relationship. Here are some lies that women tell men but would be unlikely to admit to.




-Money Isn’t Important


Most women would rather marry for love than money, but one of the most common lies that women tell men is that money doesn’t matter at all. While we may not choose our partners based on their income, a real lack of money can make life difficult and miserable, especially if it stops us doing what we want in life – having a family, for example.


-Of Course I like Your Family!


Many women genuinely like and get along with their in-laws, but those that don’t are unlikely to admit it. Telling someone that you don’t like their family (especially their parents) can be really offensive, so it’s unsurprising that many women choose to lie to their partners about it!




- Sure, Put The Football on


Plenty of women do enjoy sports, which is great, but many women at the beginning of a relationship pretend that they don’t mind sitting through endless hours of sports when really they can’t stand it. It’s best to be honest from the word go.




- I Don’t Mind Cooking Again


Another lie told by many women at the beginning of a relationship is that they don’t actually mind doing all of the cooking, washing up and picking up of dirty underwear and socks. The patience to lie about this usually wears off pretty quickly, and very soon the man finds himself having to scrape his own dirty socks off of the floor.




 -I Was Wrong


Hands up if you’ve ever apologized for something, knowing that you weren’t actually in the wrong? Most women will have done this at some time or another just to bring an argument to an end. No doubt most men will have done similar, because let’s face it, no one really enjoys fighting.




-I’m Not Jealous


Many women will pretend they’re not upset if they catch their man checking out another woman or flicking through a dirty magazine, but the reality is often quite different. We lie because we don’t want to seem uncool, clingy or generally jealous and insecure. Usually the outlet for this is doing the same in return and trying to make him feel jealous too!




-That Was Incredible


Near enough every woman has told a lie about their bedroom experience, be it ‘faking it,’ the old ‘size doesn’t matter’ or pretending not to be upset if a man suffers from a bit of erectile dysfunction. It’s also quite common for a woman to pretend that a man is the best (and/or the biggest) that she’s ever had.


Well, there you have it: 7 common lies that women tell but often won’t admit to. Some of them are totally harmless, while others could be potentially damaging for a relationship. Have you told many of these lies before, or are there some other ones that you are guilty of?

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Third Most Common Secret Men hide from women Posted on Oct 15, 2013 at 03:14 PM

They Don’t Know What to Say on The First Date


Most men see conversation on the first date as being extremely painful, because most of them haven’t got a clue about what to talk about on your first date to sweep you off your feet and to show you what a great catch they really are. That’s why most men prefer those crazy first dates when you don’t just go to dinner and talk, but you do other fun activities too, like going to an amusement park or even skydiving or bungee jumping.



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Second Most Common Secret Men hide from women Posted on Oct 13, 2013 at 06:26 AM

 Cut to The Chase

Another thing most men usually hide from women is the fact that they don’t care at all about all the little details of your stories. They want you to skip all the unnecessary facts and cut to the chase and tell them what’s really important. They like to keep it simple and not over-analyze things, because they see it as a waste of time, effort and energy. So, try not to bore your partner by telling him all there is to know about a certain thing, just cut to the chase and keep it simple!

THEY HAVE SEXUAL FANTASIES Posted on Oct 11, 2013 at 06:35 AM

Among the most common secrets men hide from women is, of course, the fact that they have sexual fantasies, even though most of them will deny it when asked about them. I honestly don’t know why they do that, because everyone, man or woman, has sexual fantasies, since everybody has quite a vivid imagination. Maybe they fear that you might get scared by their fantasies or that you may get them wrong. The best thing to do is to just sit down and talk to him and find out more details about those fantasies. Maybe there are a few things you can actually do together.

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