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DRIVE BY!!!! Posted on Nov 27, 2016 at 02:53 PM

Hello Old Timers... 


Popped on here for a sec to see if anything of substance ever decided to surface. 


I see the answer is a resounding NO. 


ROC says HELLO to everyone! He is doing well and spent some time around the holiday with the family and granddaughters. I went and visited him last June on my way back from Charlotte after seeing the kids. Didn''t spend enough time in Savannah, but am planning another visit to see him soon! 


Hope everyone is doing well! 


Just thought I would say HELLO... Hope your THANKSGIVING was great and you are looking forward to a wonderful CHRISTMAS! 



Your Princess~~

MEMORIAL VS. VETERANS ... KNOW THE DIFFERENCE! Posted on May 30, 2016 at 11:12 AM

Another year is moving rapidly and MEMORIAL DAY is passing each of us by as we carry on our everyday living. For those who are not from the United States, you are obviously excused from understanding what this honoring day is to be about. I certainly do not know all the holidays in other countries, though I do find other cultures intriguing. But for this purpose, I am speaking to the AMERICANS who are ignorant or just plain stupid in the fact they do not have our holidays correct. I'M CORRECTING YOUR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE HERE AND NOW as I simply cannot conceive living another hour without bursting out to the world---- (Esp since even most foreigners "get it!") 




Therefore, I would like to wish everyone a happy and safe MEMORIAL DAY and state this: 


May today's MEMORIAL DAY be filled with an appreciation for all of those individuals who have HONORED US and our FREEDOM in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA with the giving of the ultimate sacrifice.... THEIR LIVES! As you walk through the hours of today, please remember, TODAY is NOT about "Thanking a Vet." (Wrong day of appreciation, people!)


TODAY is set aside ONCE A YEAR to HONOR those who are no longer here to give our thanks to, WHO LOST THEIR LIVES IN WAR, and to honor their families and loved ones who miss them every day.




Does this irk any other Americans like it does me? 

Or, it may even bother some foreigners to see such a lack of respect for the USA! 





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The FUN Room!!!! Posted on May 28, 2016 at 11:48 PM

Okay, I think everyone has had enough of the fussing and fighting.... People have left, some by force, others by choice... It's time to accept the things we cannot change as well as what we would not wish to change... 




So, I will pose a question here... 


What do you enjoy doing for fun? 


I must admit I am not an overly athletic individual, but I do enjoy climbing. 


When I worked offshore for a brief period of time, I was the one to climb the mast on the vessel. 

Light bulb needed changing, the mast needed to be painted, or if I just wanted to climb... UP I WOULD GO! 


Well, that one time it wasn't fun... We were offshore and the bulb went out and I climbed the mast and a crew boat passed. I was at the top... and it started swaying!! A LOT!! I thought the mast was going to fall.. (Duh-- dumb blonde what can I say?)




But I enjoy climbing and have even done indoor rock climbing and outdoor climbing on a real rock.(only 75 ft.)  


Hey, sorry... not the most intelligent blog of mine, but at least I'm trying to change the atmosphere here. ;-) 


This is 58" in the air... I snapped a picture! Beautiful being on the water! 

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Feeling "LEFT OUT"... Posted on Jan 26, 2016 at 11:46 PM

I thought I might be more popular and get noticed more if I posted a selfie and didn't really say anything substantial.. 


How'd I do? 

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What I learned in 2015... Posted on Jan 04, 2016 at 09:23 PM

As each new year begins, there comes a commitment to starting a new life. As if we can suddenly click the switch and life will begin again at midnight on January 1. People make promises to do better this year than last; lose weight, stop smoking, exercise more, drink less. (whatever the habits may be) But the concept is, “Out with the old ways and in with the new!” It's like we are granted a “do-over” each year the moment the clock strikes 12. Many of these promises are futile, of course; but none the less, we still make them, year after year.


If I had one insight I could place on the table, it would be this.


Don't allow another year to slip by. Time is fleeting, and often we get so lost in the hours, we lose sight of each second we are afforded the blessing to breathe. I didn't appreciate enough. I see this now. There's a reason, “Stop to smell the roses,” is a saying.


I buried my father in May. It wasn't a close relationship, and I think this is what hurts the most. I allowed time and distance, and everything in the middle that didn't matter, to place barriers between us and I never thought about his getting too old or sickly to live. He's my dad. He just exist! "I'll catch up, one day." It's my loss now and I realize I am kind of like that with everybody. God help me if I allowed anyone “in.” I easily hide behind words shadowed on paper, but in real life, I cower to closeness. I have a self-destruct button that is second to none. Now it's a new year and I had no one to kiss at midnight, Valentine's Day is around the corner, (table for 1, please) and the little girl in me doesn't even have daddy to call and say hello to. I'm not angry or bitter. I just recognize what needs to be done and am at a loss of how to accomplish it. I do wish, however, my dad was here to view my epiphany. He passed without knowing much about me. We were both at fault.


My girlfriend stopped by today and was telling me how her boyfriend was being grouchy to her the other day. She said she retaliated in front of her friend by saying, “I love you,” and waiting to hear it back. (He doesn't say it.) I explained to her she was wrong in her actions and that some people just have a difficult time in expressing their emotions. Embarrassing him would not end in a reward and that I don't really say it either. She stated she knew she was wrong, and then said, “You really don't say it?” I said, “I can tell my kids “love you,” that's about it. No. I am not big on saying it. Words mean nothing.” And then I laughed and said, “Imagine that. I get paid to write and here I sit saying words mean nothing. The irony.”


Then I said, “Let me ask you something. Do you know I care about you? Do you need me to say those words so you know I care about you? I show you through my actions your friendship is of importance to me. I don't need words.”


She said, “You got me there. I get it now.”


As a person who gets paid to write, I guess it's hypocritical to say, “Words mean nothing.” Truth is, words are powerful. There are some words I am not as good at. “I love you,” is the most difficult. I know this, as does anyone who knows me well. I have this imaginary armor surrounding me that keeps people at a distance where I don't get that close to them. It took my father's death to fully understand this.


So I guess if I had one thing to say, it would be….


Don't let life's precious moments escape you. Don't allow the fear of loving others to paralyze you. Don't waste your days worrying if they will love you back, or leave you in the end. It's a waste of time. And in real life, we don't get 'do-overs” or second chances. When people leave, they are gone. That's what I learned.



HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! I am so glad 2015 is BEHIND me.   


MM BLOGGING SUGGESTIONS... Posted on Dec 04, 2015 at 10:46 PM

Our schooled and mild-mannered RMAC had some excellent suggestions previously regarding blogging, and how to be accepted and maintain a presence here in blogland. We are always seeking bloggers we can converse with, (as is MM,) therefore I  decided to combine everyone's suggestions, (and leave some suggestions behind) and design a nice flyer for anyone to "print and post" on their refrigerator when they forget the best way to "Play Well With Others." 


This is a time of the year we are to remember JOY and PEACE.... 


... Faith, HOPE...


and LOVE.... 


Let's try to remember that! 




So,  just made RMAC.... "pretty." 

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ANOTHER TYPE OF SCAMMER Posted on Nov 30, 2015 at 07:24 AM



I've no clue what they would get out of it, other than collecting information for your identity. 












Nov 29 (1 day ago)
to me
Sorry to bother you but as I was browsing through and my friend came across your profile as he was actually standing behind me and saw your profile and pic and he begged me to help contact you may be its possible you can reply him directly to his email address since he doesn't have a profile on millionairematch. He said he would be happy to get to know you. Life is about taking chances...So thought why not try and contact him and see if your search might end here. You don't need to reply here if you interested. You can contact him directly on [ EMAL...chrisfox1xxxx a/tl . c o m ] so he could send you his pics and tell you more about him self.

Do take care of your self

P.S.Am a man like Chris too so i am telling you this just because i
"HOPE"...... The most POWERFUL word Posted on Nov 19, 2015 at 01:41 PM

If you had to list only a few things you could never live without, what would they be, and why? One date site uses this question for their members in their profile, so I felt I would pose that question as a vessel for conversation. My response is something I feel strongly about, and being I was recently told how "hope" was a weak word, I felt this would be an excellent forum to explain why "hope" is actually the most POWERFUL word there is. When I am done, you will hold a clearer understanding of why my name on here is "HOPE" and why "Hope" is tatted on my ankle. 

People typically answer ..... God, kids, dog, job, cell phone, internet... Well, still waters often run deep in this little blonde brain because those things don't even touch the surface. I HAVE lived without God in my life as well as my children being away for long periods of time. I've lived without love and family at times, but I survived. Don't get me wrong. It wasn't easy, but we can live without almost everything IF we HAD to. 

But, I want to iterate something I find thought provoking. In my 48 years there is ONE THING I cannot live without and this is HOPE. (HOPE is my favorite word, by the way!)

I have known far too many friends who have buried their children. Sadly, friends of mine have placed their babies in the ground. Some at a very young age and others as adults. I cannot imagine any greater loss. In fact, my belief is God only allows the death of a child to happen to the strongest of people. If you have buried your child, my heart bleeds with yours. Know that as a Christian, I feel you are "special" to Him. He has placed you on the highest rolling deck, the same as when He sacrificed His son. But when that day came, and all the days since that excruciating pain anyone who has ever lost a child endures, what has kept them going? HOPE
On a personal level, I have never buried any of my 3 children, (Thank you God!) And some may call me crazy, (and I may have a twinge here and there) but I even have a pact with God. When a girlfriend buried her 23 year old daughter, I felt such intense pain for her despite having never met her daughter, that I made a pact with God then and there. It is my sort of wacky belief I guess, but I truly believe that I will NOT outlive ANY of my children. That keeps me going some days when I am sad and miss them. I know they are safe.  
I have been unemployed, home foreclosed on, lost everything I had several times, clothes included.... knocked down, kicked in the dirt, been in abusive relationships, I've even been basically homeless a couple of times in my life... 
But how did I press forward? 
One word..

People who think about suicide, yet they don't go through with it. WHY? Are they scared? Well, perhaps. But I feel in my heart what keeps them moving forward is somewhere in the back of their mind, they still have HOPE! They have not given UP, so they don't give IN. But the individuals who are successful at taking their own lives? They did so because they lost ALL HOPE! :(
HOPE according to OXFORD is:
A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen
Did you catch that? Hope is a "feeling." Sadly, people who commit suicide lose the "feeling" that good things will happen in their future.That's why suicide and depression skip together while holding hands with the devil. 

I may not have the "typical answer" for this, but I am not your typical woman. My little blonde brain runs deep... 

So the ONLY thing I could never do without? HOPE
God comes and goes.. Sometimes I feel grounded to Him, other times not so much. Children grow up and move away. Our vehicles get totaled or our house may get foreclosed on... WE SURVIVE.... And WHY?  Because we hold on to that "feeling" things will get better. We hold on to HOPE. 

I guess that's why I still fill out profiles on date sites...
I haven't lost HOPE in my last first kiss....
And the word HOPE tatted on my ankle? It's above a little girl kneeling on a cloud with a lone tear rolling down her cheek. The little girl is praying... Because that is what praying does for me.. Praying brings me HOPE. 
WAIT 4 IT.....WAIT 4 IT...... WAIT 4 IT... Posted on Nov 15, 2015 at 02:51 PM

OKAY, I'm back!!




LAWD... I sure miss all the fun around here... 


Stepped out of my box! Posted on Sep 06, 2015 at 02:04 PM

Okay my peeps! I finally did it! I am trying to be more open minded with dating, and this man keeps popping up when I go view winks etc.. (He hasn't winked, but his profile is always at the bottom.) 


 I see his pictures are dated and he is 60? but looks far younger than an average 60 year old..... 

So I see this vision of "sexiness" I keep staring at, so I finally caved!! 


He is many states away.. But none the less, I bit the bullet and 




No, I still would not write a man initially... 

I do feel strongly that is a man's place.. 


BUT... I stepped outside da box at least! 


Oh and even more so...


He's Latin... Now I am really out of the box! (I'm usually only attracted to white men.) 


OH! And he has facial hair?? (I dont usually do that either... but this man is H-O-T!! LOL)

Umm..l Do we use that word when we are middle aged? 


WoW!! My mid life crises has gone full force! LoL.. 


So ladies, I ask you... 


How often do you wink at men? 


And what has been your experience? 



Will ROC EVER Behave!!! Posted on Jul 22, 2015 at 09:35 PM

Just wondering... 


Oh jeez.. We already know the answer!! 






Time to sit in time out again!!!!   ;-) 



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KNOW YOUR WORTH - To AMBER Posted on Jul 02, 2015 at 09:48 PM


ambergbay also now known as ASMILELIKEYOURS 


I am bewlidered by the two profiles. If you lost your password, MM will help you with this. 

And if you are trying to reinvent yourself, best wishes! 


AMBER, your pictures are extremely similar, (even from the same day it appears), but you mention in your new profile how you are living with someone who is cheating on you. Should you be seeking anonymity here, you won't find it, as the regulars already know who you are and your pictures are basically the same. 


Anyway, I read your new profile. 


Sorry to hear of your current "love" situation. I realize this is painful for you and you possiby want an outlet to voice your heartbreak.  With a young daughter, the pain is no doubt amplified due to her connection with your boyfriend these past 2 years.  


You seem to hold a serious need to "talk, blog, process" and you have a habit of ignoring others comments and now you have the comments section blocked on your blogs? Perhaps part of the issue is not knowing when one should put down the pen and listen?


Amber, I believe there are all types of reasons and excuses for straying..... People's psyche, not feeling loved, abuse from past, an addicition, a bad habit like smoking, neglected, etc... I'm not saying any excuse is a good one though, but, what I will state is.. 


Don't worry about why someone does something. Spend your time figuring out WHY you allow yourself to be treated this way. That answer will be far more beneficial in the end.


I truly believe that individuals who tolerate cheating as you stated you are, has just as deeply seeded issues as the cheater... 




You have a daughter to raise who needs to see she is worth more... that her mother is worth more... 





Women AND Men!!!


Someone would always write on my other social site page, "Be good to yourself." 


I didn't understand what he meant until it suddenly hit me one day. 



And in order to do this, you must KNOW YOUR WORTH... 


Let go of things and people that take advantage, as this will destroy you and sends your daughter the wrong message. 


Best of wishes your way... 





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For Some, Love is NOT a "Choice." Posted on Jan 21, 2015 at 11:09 AM

I get asked constantly.... HOW can you STILL be single? It's easy for me.... For me, "love" isn't a choice, or a selection I make. It isn't something I can describe or make guesses at when it's going to happen. Loving, without choice, and without rhyme or reason, is the ONLY way I know how to love a man for a genuine partnership; and that kind of love, is rare. In fact, it is so uncommon, I may never experience it again. It's uncontrollable, happens suddenly, and leaves you twisted in knots. You become irrational, blinded, and in a blink of an eye, can lose all sense of direction. If you have never experienced this, it's difficult to explain. But once you've loved this way, it's difficult to accept love anyway else. It's like passion burst into flames.

I am NOT referring to "honeymoon love," where you blindly miss flaws, and he or she can do no wrong, and you get butterflies and weak in the knees. Most people experience "that" in love. But this is different. It is a love that abundantly sees the wrongs, yet the magnetic pull of chemistry drains every ounce of energy and exhaust you into complete submission to that individual. It is maddening, irresponsible, and totally inconvenient. And at the same time, it becomes irreplaceable. It is inconceivable to love any other way when you have reached this threshold of love.

As time dwindles, and age and wrinkles set in, might I give up on that unexplained, incredible, yet undeniable karmic pull that gravitates me to one lone unsuspecting man, just as shocked as I am, of my feelings? Who, hopefully is drawn to me with the same insatiable, emotional and physical draw romance and erotic industries make billions off of?


It's possible, I suppose. I don't know. I just, "know what I know." It's instant when two people connect and the bond tightens the more time spent together. It's a magnet to steel, a moth to a flame, a bee to pollen....


When dealing with such incredible forces, I can only say, even fireflies are only attracted to certain lights. It isn't just "any" love I yearn. Its a specific love, and its rare. The "pull" can be felt from across a crowded room, before ones even meet; and once the eyes gaze each other, and the first words are spoken, you are memorized, like a fly in a Venus fly trap, or an insect in a spider web. There is no escape, and it isn't by "choice."


As a Princess, children ask me if I know dragons really exist. (Well duh, of course children know I'm a Princess.. I tell them and induct them into my Kingdom.)

I share with them, "Of course dragons really exist. Not because I've actually seen them in front of me, but because I can feel the warmth of his fire, breathing down my neck."

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"HOPE" is ALIVE!!! ;) Posted on Aug 08, 2013 at 08:59 AM

Hi ALL, 


Quick note to say HELLO!!!!! And let you know all is well... I haven't been able to read all blogs, but have seen several comments regarding people leaving, etc... and saw my name noted.. 


I HAVE NOT LEFT--- Just been very busy packing!!!


I am travelling TODAY, Thursday August 8, back to the BAYOU for "hopeful" employment. I will be working w/ a recruiter and filling out my paperwork for my OS (Ordinary Seaman) certification w/ the USCG. This sudden move was prompted as my housing situation changed this month and I determined seeking another offshore job might suit things best for me right now. The competition is fierce, esp for a woman, but one never knows until they TRY... ;)   


AND YES, THIS WAS A SPONTANEOUS, HARD JOLT THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION OF WHERE I THOUGHT I WAS HEADED! It is a hard life and difficult to work around some of the men.... But it does appear what will be best for me in the long run, so I am extremely hopeful and in POSITIVE spirits about it. 


I have not had much time to read and respond as I am rarely at my computer. I will be settled next week, however, so then I will be able to respond better. I did not wish to promote one or 2 blogs and look like I was favoring anyone, etc... (MY faves KNOW they are my FAVES! LOL)

And in order to respond to newbies, I take time to review their profiles, etc.... 


So it didn't seem right to commit half way! 


I wish I could say I am like BEWELL and I'm out "playing.." 


BUT, I suppose turning from a "real life Princess" to a seawitch... I mean um.... a MERMAID / WATER BABY "IS" kinda like a vacation!


Now where's my pink hard hat! 


Talk soon! 




Hope / Hoping AKA.. Your Princess! ;)





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I'M OFFENDED!!! ;) Posted on Jul 26, 2013 at 11:57 AM

I just want to state FOR THE RECORD, <------- (always wanted to say that!)




I very much DISLIKE being censored, as it goes against the grain of my core nature as a former writer / advertiser, AND as an American standing for FREE SPEECH ... 


Any writer, blogger, author, who deems censorship "acceptable," goes AGAINST the very vein our society is backed on! 




There is a certain "decorum" successful authors and bloggers have with one another, and this behavior does NOT constitute going to a blogger and whining to them about what someone else posts on their blog they are not responsible for! I saw where this has occurred here and it is WRONG!



1) If someone holds issue with something LIVNLOV or anyone else has posted, contact the person who has offended you directly, not the author of the blog! TRUST ME-- LIV, and most of us can handle your criticism, and will do so with class!


2) To be sooooo offended by what someone states, so much you want to "whine" about it, is acting like a whiny baby! Pick your bottle up and MOVE ALONG, and start acting as an adult! If you can't handle being an adult--- stop playing in Olympic size areas and head back to the kiddie pool! 


3) If the people would QUIT CENSORING and BLOCKING others, stand up and act like an adult and RESPOND to questions when asked, none of these things would happen. Oddly, the person who no one should be contacting regarding other people's comments on their blog, is the one who "set the playing field" for CENSORSHIP.... Additionally, the blog refers to JUDGING OTHERS! LOL... 


Guess it goes to show.... 




**Disclaimer... I would have posted this on that blog, but, ummm.... 

I've been censored for some time now... 

*Scooby Snickers......


NOT GUILTY---- Posted on Jul 13, 2013 at 07:05 PM



Hope there are no riots...


And regardless anyone's views, I hope no one seeks retaliation on ZIMMERMAN.. Our Justice system remains very flawed; but, it is one we must abide by.


May Trayvon's parent's find PEACE, regardless of any truths that may or may not be reflected in this verdict...

Where is BEWELL??? Posted on Jul 10, 2013 at 10:45 PM

Anyone heard from BEWELL lately? 


She is "later than late" for her blog this month.... 

~~Columbia, in MOURNING....~~ Posted on May 25, 2013 at 01:25 AM

At a time when most teenagers are joyous and anxiously awaiting their upcoming graduation in a week or so; Columbia, South Carolina is mourning many losses. Tonight, the community weeps over the loss of an aspiring youth, the loss of a family intact, and the loss of what could have, but, will never be.

A young man, whom I won’t mention by name, was driving in the wee hours of the morning with two passengers. The 18 year old driver hit a legally parked car, afterwards hitting several trees; the final tree stopping the vehicle he was responsible for driving. All three young men were properly wearing seat belts, yet only two will ever live to speak of the crash.

The 18 year old young man was driving while intoxicated and now sits in a cold lonely jail cell, facing felony DUI charges. I can only surmise, when this young man returns from the “cloud of shock” he must float in, he will be begging it had been “his life” that was taken instead of his mourning the life of his 16 year old younger brother he was taught to protect. The boys shared the same high school, the same parents, and the same family life--- but now, will not share the many years, or roads, they had ahead of them, together. It is said, in most cases, a sibling is the longest formed relationship we will ever keep.

This will NOT hold true for this young man.

Regardless of age, intelligence, experience, intentions, or how much LOVE one has in their heart for others; please be reminded, sadly, once again…..


There are many who will remain in mourning over the long and usually happy weekend. Many will remain heartbroken throughout graduation next week, all days throughout summer, and now, there is a family residing in Columbia that will never, ever, be the same.

There is also one young man who sits alone behind bars tonight, scared, hating himself and in tremendous anguish, over just how stupid he was. We may not all plague the same sins; but I guarantee, we’ve all “been stupid” at one time or another. This young man has just taken and will now pay the highest price. THE PRICE OF A LIFE HE CHERISHED…  for a LIFETIME of GUILT….


May this young man, who must grow up rapidly now, and his family, come to terms with the devastating reality, loss and devastation this young man must now face; and may they heal from the inside out. Responsibilities for his actions take presence now. I pray the young man’s parents find it in their hearts to stand by their son during this painful, senseless and PREVENTABLE tragedy; and may they all come out stronger and more tightly bound.  

Before people throw stones at this young man, whom I needn’t meet to understand his pain, may we remember ABOVE ALL ELSE; the anger, heartache, confusion or any undetermined flood of emotions anyone feels at such a senseless tragedy is NOTHING IN COMPARISON, to the pain he feels now and will feel for the remainder of his life.

May all affected, find healing within…..

Be safe out there everyone, and if you have teens, or perhaps a friend or you yourself, need a reminder? Take a moment and breathe in the heartache, allow it to resonate and perhaps redefine your thoughts, and then let it go.


And remember,,,,,,


~Common Sense Profile Tips~ Posted on May 18, 2013 at 07:13 PM

With the recent blogs regarding WHAT men and women are SEEKING with online dating, I thought I would share a little COMMON SENSE approach versus research. 


As a former advertising executive, I will stake this claim...


One doesn't need statistics, a degree, or a background in advertising to figure these things out. Stats are often skewed, as many people lie on the questionnaires as well as lie to themselves about what they seek.  Many people, as we have witnessed in our experience, don't appear to know WHAT or WHOM they seek, while there are those who are very self-aware of their desires due to their experiences. These self aware individuals might be considered "fault finders" by the insecure or negative daters because they reject someone due to a personality or physical attribute they do not seek. In reality, they know this aspect of the individual will NOT suit their needs, so they weed them out.  


Here's some EASY, COMMON SENSE TIPS from an ADVERTISING perspective.




MEN ARE VISUAL CREATURES... especially at first viewing. (Regardless of how much we want to "make them" admire our minds. LOL)  They do not turn their heads on the street and think, "WOW! I sure bet that woman is SMART! I want to meet her!"       


 POST SEVERAL DECENT PHOTOS OF YOURSELF MAKING CERTAIN THEY ARE AN ACCURATE DEPICTION OF WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE NOW and reveal your personality! I do NOT recommend tons of "Glamour" shots, as he may be disappointed when you meet. Most of us do not look like a Glamour shot every day! You also need a couple of photos to show your "figure" as well. This does not mean everyone needs to throw on a a bikini. It means make sure you have a couple of RECENT FULL LENGTH SHOTS to display your body size and type! It has been my personal experience with over 13 years of on/off online dating, WEIGHT has been the biggest issue for men. Use FACIAL SHOTS ONLY w/ NO SHADES, etc. for your INITIAL profile photo! This allows them to see your FACE, versus those who put far away pictures when they peruse profiles by the hundreds! If they can't see you well, they are NOT likely to click on you. There are too many other women. (or men) 


If I had a dollar for every man who has told me they have met numerous women who were 20/30 lbs heavier than their photos suggested, I'd have a bank full of money. Many men have told me numerous women have used old photos and they did not even recognize them when they met! 


This is FRAUDULENT advertising and you do all women a disservice when you do this! IT'S DECEITFUL AND IT'S A LIE! 


And speaking of LYING... I advise everyone STOP putting you are many years younger than you are for SEVERAL reasons.


1)  Guess what? Chances are, YOU LOOK YOUR AGE, (or close to it) regardless what you think.  


2) Your lack of honesty and justifying it by saying you think men will not pull up your profile, only confirms your own lack of maturity with dating as well as your own insecurities. This deceitful  behavior is a reflection on YOU, not men. 


3) Men who are SERIOUS daters, seeking a GENUINE CONNECTION, may look at women a bit younger, and even "look" at women MUCH younger... Because THAT'S WHAT MEN DO... THEY LOOK! But SERIOUS MEN SEEKING A RELATIONSHIP also LOOK AT WOMEN THEIR AGE!  


4) If men DON'T look at women THEIR own age, they are more likely than anyone else you date to scoop you liars up and use you, and then toss you to the curb when they are done. And WHY?  Because they WANT SOMEONE YOUNGER and never respected you for lying to them!


5) The most VITAL reason to be truthful? Men seeking a genuine connection "require" AND "deserve," .....................HONESTY! 


Lastly, DATE YOUR PHOTOS!! (Men AND Women!) 




If you do not wish to have a woman salivating over your "toys" versus you, and you complain of Gold Diggers? STOP POSTING YOURSELF ON YOUR YACHT while standing 100 feet from the camera in your shades where we can't see your face! And if you don't want a woman to ogle over your money, why is every picture posed with some exuberant $$$ toy! This is akin to a woman only posing in her bikini saying, "I just can't understand why he can't see I'm also smart!" 


UH..... DUH???????? 


Further, I have met men who have grossly lied about their age and placed very old photos on their profile without displaying the "REAL" them. They were heavier, had no hair, (or very little,) and looked far older than they portrayed.  So know this men....... 


While I understand your dilemma with women, I want you to know, there ARE women like me who DESPISE the liars on both sides of this "FRAUDULENT FENCE!" 


Every party involved in "FRAUDULENT CONDUCT"  with online dating is partially responsible for the "Lying Stigma" that goes along with it. So you women that complain because a man fudges his income? Suck it up sweetie if you are one of those who "think" you look soooo much younger than you really are and "fudge" by a few years on your profile. 


ALL THE LIARS ARE A DISGRACE! And one lie to one individual may mean little, but means a lot to someone else. IE: IF it is true men are less caring about a woman's income than women are of a man's. Well, what if the man uses the analogy of, "Well, I will just fudge the numbers here a little on my income. I LIVE like I make that much!" Well, that is THE SAME analogy as a woman fudging "a little" on her age justifying she looks younger than other women her age. 


If we start "justifying" our own lies to skew the numbers, we darn well can't judge a man when he skews HIS numbers. So everyone should JUST STOP LYING! 


In a sense, as ORLANDO states in another blog in the forum section, PEOPLE ATTRACT THEMSELVES. Well, they do on at least ONE LEVEL. Educated individuals seek a date or mate who appears educated. I've never dated a doctor, lawyer, or anyone with a higher education who desires a woman who fails to articulate herself well. Therefore, if you seek a man or woman with an education, your best hopes are to speak properly, write your profiles fluently, and portray the more refined elements of your personality.


"I ain't never met no cardiologist out there seeking Honey Boo Boo's family!" LOL...


And lastly, the attention you place in your profiles is indicative of the attention you will place on the individuals viewing them. If a man places little thought to his profile, I come to the conclusion this is about as little thought as he will place on me when dating. Your profile is an "advertisement" to find a mate; so take pride in it, and make it count! 

COMPUTER FREEZING --- QUESTION FROM WINDY Posted on Feb 26, 2013 at 12:18 PM

Our friend WINDY is having an issue when she logs on to MM. 


She LOGS IN---- 


Then her CHAT page pulls up, (She never uses chat, BTW) But, if she doesn't click out of it before it downloads, everything freezes up and she has to shut off her computer. 


I recommended she DL a new browser. She contacted MM and they advised the same thing. 


She DL Chrome and it deactivated Norton and it changed other settings. 




H-E-L-P you computer geeks!!