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Just some thoughts Posted on May 23, 2006 at 11:54 AM
I feel that the internet is a great tool to broaden our Horizons. Most people live their lives in a limited circle of people they work with; friends and acquaintances. We tend to get in a pattern of ?the same old?, it becomes impossible to change our daily rotten and reach out to new experiences, let alone meet new people. The internet allows us to reach people and places we other wise would never have had the pleasure of experiencing on any level. It gives us a new prospective and allows us to converse, flirt, and exchange ideas on any number of topics both business and personnel. It allows getting to know someone without fear, inhibitions, or concern of judgment, which you usually face when meeting someone for the first time in a face to face type of situation. This allows us to be ourselves more open, and relaxed, we tend to find out more then the usual about those who we are conversing with and how they think. A great forum for communication and ideal exchange in a media oriented society. Lol! Granted! and this is true, whenever you are dealing with people in general, you have those that are not honest or open and portray themselves as someone they are not but?not anymore as or less than you have in everyday dealings, face to face. In regards? to dating; it again takes us outside our circle and allows for a larger pool of fascinating and alluring people. Someone on here asked; how do you know when you have found the one and are ready to leave the internet dating realm??? Well I think you will know if you find them, you will no longer have the desire to chat with anyone else or at least on that intimate level. It is like with any other conventional dating, when you know, you know it is not something that can be pre-planned or contrived. It is real life things are always unpredictable when it comes right down to the reality of the situation. This is what makes life existing and an adventure.