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"If you haven't made it by 40 then you'll never make it."? Posted on Thu, Oct 04, 2012 05:58

There's a saying that goes, "If you haven't made it by 40 then you'll never make it." 
Let me tell you, it's BS! 
I'm not sure if you've heard that saying, I certainly did well at my 29-33 and lost everything, financially at 35. 
But i haven't lost my spirit, i have fantastic bunch of people in my life, in fact, i was always lucky with great people coming to my life. So i got up, and started moving on and glad to see results every day!!!!-)))

If you're open-minded, still have a burning desire to succeed, haven't given up and believe you have can do attitude, then you can make it regardless of your age!!!
I work with people who lost fortunes at 57 and 60 through their marriage break-ups, GFC, bad investments, and guess what happens? Half of them now heavy on drinking, wasting oxygen on couch, and other's found new ventures and doing really-really well!

You just have to keep the dream alive, get the right education, if you need get new training, and head in the right direction! 

No one said that life was going to be easy, life is the hardest thing there is, but you learn through it all. Whether you're making mistakes or living in the happiest moment in your life, there will be difficulties and you have to believe in yourself and people supporting you, that you can succeed through it all at any time of your life!!!
No one is holding you back but yourself.

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People being looking for someone special here for years!???? Posted on Wed, Sep 19, 2012 17:33

I was here for a few month and left. Just a year later i rememberd that i had my profile here i came back and what i see??? Same people have been here for YEARS?