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Are there any women out there who DON'T want trainable men? Posted on Jul 10, 2006 at 04:03 PM
No matter what financial bracket a person is in, it appears that Society has demonstrated that a woman must always train a man. BUT, if a man is domineering over a woman, he's a cad; a pig; and plenty of other expletives. Why the double-standard? Why does one person have to be the head over the other, in a realtionship, anyway? My views of a 50/50 relationship is not a storybook fairytale, nor is it just looking through the World with rose-colored glasses. It simply is what it is... RIGHT. This is the only thing meant for a happy couple: to be completely equal in any/all regards, whether they be the household duties and employment, decision-making that affects the entire family, and the only thing I feel is individual is the money earned by each member of that household. If that person's shares of the bills are paid, it's not ANYone else's business how they choose to spend the rest of their money, unless they do so and hurt the other member(s) of the family (i.e. spending money in extra-marital/relationship means). Society has taught women that they should whip their men into all forms of submission with everything including their hard-earned (or even inherited) money. To enforce this, they use weapons such as punishments as taking the kids, taking everything they own, etc. Well, guys... just make sure that you have a good pre-nuptial agreement (I'm a MASTER at writing my own) and that you have an attorney who won't back down. If you do allow the woman to beat you into submission, hand in your genetalia because you do not deserve the right to be called a man. If any woman takes part in the training/whipping practice, you most certainly are no lady: quite the contrary... you're nothing but a worthless gold-digger who should remember that women outnumber men at least 2-1. What that means is that if you can't act like a lady who deserves to be in a loving relationship, remember that your guy has at least 1 other woman to choose from, with that 2-1 odds, who WILL be a lady. What's your opinion? Are you a real Man or Lady? Or are you a Wuss or Worthless Gold-Digger? Enquiring minds want to know...