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I received an email today from shapMD claiming to be in the UK in dire need of money, because he'd been mugged in the park of his hotel.

Did anyone else get a similar email from him?


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Tell us about your date ... Posted on Thu, May 03, 2012 09:44


I'd love to hear from people who are actually going on dates. No need to get personal or too heavily into specifics.. Don't need to know who you met, just if you're meeting anybody and how it went... 

I'm just wondering how many of us are actually going on dates with people we meet on this site.

In my case I'm finding it a bit like a faulty vending machine! You take your time looking at the selection. Decide what you'd like..... But it's either completely unavailable, starts moving forward but then gets stuck, or it's a bit stale. ( as in not recent photos! )

Is anyone having better luck?