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Stuff I have written Posted on Oct 19, 2013 at 05:49 PM

Conjuring up old memories lord have mercy please on me. Have you ever wanted something you don't need. The last time we were all alone damn it felt just like home, if you have ever been homesick in your own house, then you know just what I'm talking about. It felt so good it felt so right no one ever touched me so deep in my life and when I let myself fall in love with you that's when you were though. Have you ever wanted something not good for you, have you ever wanted someone when they were though. Have you ever wanted something you didn't need, have you ever wanted someone that made you bleed. Then I guess I'm just like you, what can we do... 

Has ever been a moment that you could wish it all away I don't know what I said, but what I said; I guess I said it wrong. There's a letter on my dresser sealed and unread; and I know what it says, but I don't want to read it anyway. I'm the reason for this feeling but I would do anything to wish it gone. I'm not a cutter but sometimes think it would help if I could see my pain. She'll be around today; and I know what I want but, she won't wave.  I wanna leave here I want to run away but I can't and I won't, so I guess I'll stay. Yes, I'll stay; stay just this way.

I've been to the place she can't confuse I've been with her when she's at her best. Things done I will never do them again I guess that's how she is when it comes to the end. She is a free dancing spirit with her shoes kicked off but, she's... Someone that you don't want to cross. Time changed but I think we're the same but no point in pointing out who is the blame. Let’s take a drive down the back roads in your mind. I wonder who we would find just killing time. Hey everyone got someone I know this is true you aren't any different than anyone I knew. Time changed I think you’re the same but there aint no point in pointing a blame. Sun's coming up on a brand new day and where you going to be when it goes away. One thing is for sure you are going to be with yourself. If you can't live with that don't expect someone else. Time changed but I think we're the same there's no point I’m the one who's the blame.