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Fractional Reserve Banking System. Posted on Thu, Nov 25, 2010 17:36
Fractional Reserve Banking System. Points to consider, purely my own observations from various sources of reliable data:- 1. Creates money out of debt (thin air) 2. Since the Federal Reserve came into existence money has devalued 96% 3. Inflation is the hidden Tax. 4. World physical currency held globally is only 3% 5. 97% of the World’s currency exists only in computers (thin air) 6. Creates inevitable global crises of ever increasing magnitude (snowball effect) 7. The Federal Reserve Bank is not a Bank and it has No Reserves. In a nutshell, how it works simply put: * The Government needs to raise Funds so * The Federal Reserve receives Government Treasury Bonds(just paper) * In exchange for Fiat money bank notes (more paper – thin air) * The printed paper and the Government Bonds have no value in reality. * They are worthless not secured with gold or any physical commodity. * Based on this ever increasing mountain of thin air, bank notes are distributed to Bankers Internationally. * The Federal Reserve Rule is that each Bank retains 10% on deposit. * The other 90% is loaned to another Bank who retains 10% * The pattern is repeated cascading down the Global Banking System. * Resulting in the original amount of fiat money multiplying 9 X * Billions worth of thin air have turned into trillions worth of thin air. * Catastrophe obviously looms large. * At the bottom of cascading thin air the little people are borrowing. * Their borrowing is mostly based on bricks and mortar security. * Who then is the blatantly careless fool and perpetrator of fiendish folly? * When crises hit the little man may lose all. * The power-hungry Banking Cartel just begins again on their next fix. * Governments of the western world have been creating money out of debt – Big Time. * Therefore, how can they be absolved from responsibility of world financial collapse and the consequences of such a disaster. * The little people are just the expendable pawns in a very big game. * Never have so many been violated by so few. (Winston would say) * Greed and power has blinded them to the point of insanity. * Yes, the lunatics are running the Asylum. I know you will say I am being simplistic and cynical – "those cynical men who say that democracy cannot be honest and efficient" — F. D. Roosevelt I am not alone by that definition, because there is nothing honest or efficient in the Fractional Reserve Banking System and that is self-evident for all to see. Philomath