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The Election and the Next Years Posted on Fri, Nov 10, 2006 23:57
Well, I'm embarrassed for the country, reading the glowing praise coming in from the world's despots, mass murders and European losers, congratulating the US on their enlightened election ... these people know what's favorable to them and what's not favorable to the future of the US. This linkage isn't unfair. Even from the mainstream press, liberals will spend at least two years focused on releasing terrorists, setting up a terrorist bill of rights, and all the while trying to criminalize and jail as many of their political opponents as possible. Think about it. The desires of Hezbollah, Hamas, and Al Qaeda are the policy ideas of the Democratic party. The leadership of the Democratic party couldn't care less about the war. It's simply a hard choice someone else made they realized they could use to bash the opposition with, because the population is not mentally equipped to make hard choices and sustain them, at least in the face of constant negative propaganda. Talking to the average person who's been manipulated into being upset about the war, it's hard to discern what they really expect. It seems like they have some Utopian concept of war, in which the opponent will be so impressed with how wonderful we are, they will just sit down and start singing "kumbaya". Instead, the enemy only runs around doing strategically irrelevant things like shooting poor civilians and blowing up cars. The sole purpose of these actions is to make news stories for the US press, who does their anti-American duty by playing them up as if they were of any importance relative to what else is going on (which press doesn't report). Soldiers coming back are perplexed at the discrepancy between the press accounts they see here and what they saw in Iraq. Plenty of them are voluntarily signing up for 3 and 4 tours of duty. Yet the story-line is mismanagement. It absolutely is valid to question the patriotism of Democrats. The quotes from Harry Reid, Pelosi, Dean, Biden, etc., are pure anti-Americanism. I heard a Chavez speech ripping the US and thought it was Democratic candidate until the end of the story. Democrats teach the world how to be anti-Americans. Democrat leadership loyalty is not to the country. They see themselves not as citizens of the US, but as citizens of the world, specifically the elite power centers of the world. Unfortunately, most of the rest of the world, including Europe is a dark hole intellectually and marked by moral cowardice which covers itself by claiming moral superiority. They're getting darker as they move toward cultural suicide. 10 years from now countries like Denmark will be more than half Muslim. 20 years from now, the Muslim majorities will be getting started with the bulldozing of historical and cultural marks of the rapidly disappearing infidel population. The irony is, the cause of the war and the reason Muslims dislike the West is also because of the beliefs of the liberals and leftists which are deeply offensive to Muslims; the cultural intrusions of pornography, free speech, etc. So liberal culture provoked Muslims to anti-Americanism and attacks. When the Republicans do something about it (based in part on faulty intelligence developed during the Democrats control of the CIA & George Tenet), the liberals sabotage the effort as a fifth column inside the country and attack Republicans for standing up for a culture most Republicans respect about as much as Muslims.