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Money & Love , A perfect Match or a Disasterous Combination Posted on Tue, Apr 29, 2014 11:35


Money Can Never Buy True Love!!!! . Chemistry btw two people is all, the most vital wealth  needed to build a strong foundation to maintain and keep a connective, genuine, passionate relationship. Then only can all the little extra things like {money, trips, gifts, spoils, e.t.c } you both do for each other assures, appreciates,  magnifies, intensifies and stabilizes your affections for each other through thick and thin.


 My conclusions:

You have to find the right woman/man/partner that "YOU BOTH" have an undeniable, passionate chemistry "without money".

Just like planting a beautiful red rose in your garden, you need to find/have/begin with a good soil. :)

I won't settle for less mutual, passionate , connectivity with the one, no matter how filthy wealthy he might be. I seek to find forever by each other's side no matter what,  not just a fling.





Dovesei .

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Misconception!!! Posted on Thu, Apr 17, 2014 20:20


Please DO NOT fly over OR fly me over for a weekend to meet me/you to get to know each other better with "Expectations of Sexual Encounters."

I am "not" sorry that I am not that Kind of girl. I will disappoint you!. I am seeking a Long term, Fun, Passionate Friendship/ relationship with Just ONE partner in crime and if it leads further, So be it.

"Please don't mistake my inevitable resonating sexuality and  beauty for promiscuity". I am not the Princess that is keen to kissing many frogs before I find my Prince . So let's not waste each others' valuable time presuming .

Thank You.



EXPRESSIONS! Posted on Sat, Apr 12, 2014 10:44

Is it possible to think I am ready for these, but yet when it knocks fervently on my door, I quiver,become uncertain and run when it intensifies?.  Dedicatedly Trying to understand it all!




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