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Blog title: Just thinking ...
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Random thoughts, questions, etc.

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Random thought on break from writing a minimum 15pg essay 35 Views 05/11/13

My brain is completely fried and still a long way before completing my paper. The topic I am writing about is immigration which is a hot topic. I think shocked a few during a group discussion when I stated we need stronger and clear border patrol and regulations. I just hope my proposals is read unbias since 95% are very liberal democrats. It does upset me that my nephew serves the airforce and many others who serve our country funds were cut towards their education, but illegal immigrants children are getting aid to attend college. I have a huge list of problems with proposals to how to improve it, but not sure if it will get any interest within a very democratic  faculty.

What are your experiences dealing with immigration? 

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My thoughts after a few days as a member ... 127 Views 05/10/13


Started reading some blogs, and even though did not comment I am truly enjoying them. I did upload some more images of myself, however still wondering if should remain on website or even if I should become a member. I can't chat online as standard member, but the few times went on made me think of high school which was something I am not looking for. Just hoping to maybe meet some new decent positive friends, and maybe a men who is not so shallow.


I know even though I am 37 I am still young, but many have told me I might have set very high expectations of people. I am always looking for the best  in people regardless if just friends or in a relationship with them. I always see it as accepting the good as well the bad flaw since it is those imperfections that make us so unique. Being there through good and bad times, and not running when things get out of control. I have seen many people turn their back on friends when they most needed a shoulder or just someone to talk to. I believe this is a result of growing up watching my parents marriage. They are celebrating 43 yrs married this yr, and my grandparents one set prior to their passing had over 60 yrs married, and my grandmother who is a 87 yr old widow had over 50 yrs marriage prior to my grandfather's passing. Also my own experiences in overcoming situations with a positive outlook when told sorry no positions left open after mentioning I am deaf makes me wonder if I am asking too much in people.


Is it too much to ask for honesty, loyalty, compassionate, humble, honorable, etc. in people hmmm does the word unconditional even exist within people anymore?


Now my experience on here is still in debate if the site is something that will enrich my life with good positive individuals even if its just friendship that I end up finding. Hmmm still left thinking ...





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