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BLOGS Posted on Jan 04, 2008 at 08:43 AM
I am so glad to see the blogs take a turn for the better.....I hope you all keep it fresh and exciting , fun, and thought provoking.....bye for now, I am so glad to have found this place and it is fun and interesting for me to visit every once in awhile. Take care all of you. online friend, Jessica
bikini shot? Posted on Jan 02, 2008 at 02:02 PM
I finally got up the courage to add one. I hope I do not offend anyone. What are your thoughts about posting scantily clad pictures of oneself on a dating site? Does this make you a less than classy person by doing so? I would not think so as long as they are in good taste. As this is a summer reality of life as we know it. If it does I will surely take it from my profile. Thanks. Jess
life and blogging Posted on Jan 02, 2008 at 01:15 PM
I have been here in the past and was quite active in blogging yet I found myself being obsessed with expressing myself and looking for comfort and laughter from online strangers and making new friends. That alone is not wrong, but when it becomes a compulsive need to blog it is now contemplative in it's nature. As I have said many times in the past, there is a time and a place for everything in this world. Learning how to find a balance in all things is existential. Otherwise we are confined to living a life minimal in existence and wondering why we are not more than we are and why so many do not want to be in our presence for more than just a short while, except for the entertainment factor. Reality bites. Yet can be an eye opener for many who will look beyond themselves and see the bigger picture. And in doing so you will find the subject matter tends to be a little more edgy than those that are bloggging for the sake of having something to say. Don't stop blogging, yet find a balance in life and blogging and subject matter. there is a time to laugh in a blog as there is a time to cry, there is a time to discuss dating subjects, there is a time to agree and a time to disagree, a time not to blog at all but just listen. but most of all there is a time to leave this place and live for the moment as it was your last days. Love you all, an online friend. Jessica
Just dropping In to say hi Posted on Oct 08, 2007 at 10:16 AM
It has been a while since I have been active in blogging and/or sharing thoughts,laughs or tears with all of my friends. So I thought I would take a minute and just say " I hope everyone is finding or fulfilling all of their hopes or dreams in finding or at least meeting new interesting people here on MM. You never know who you might meet that might just turn your world upside down. If anything have a laugh or two in the process. Wish you all the best. (Sharp1, thenewman,bambi,Stats,Boopster,Harasho,nicegirl,too many to list you all. But for those few that, I had the honor to meet and share time with in our Vegas get together, I will forever hold on to that memory.Thanks...) I have met many new friends since MM and have added a pic of a new friend from England and I sharing a drink and a smile. your friend, Jessica
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My final farewell as a gold member Posted on Jul 19, 2007 at 03:30 AM
Although it was merely an accident that I ended up on this site. I can't say that it was a bad experience in any way. I have shared thoughts,laughs and tears with many of you in the blogs and made many great friends along the way. For those that I actually met and shared time with on our Vegas get together, it was a memory I will cherish forever. Tomorrow is my last day as a gold member. I will still probably check in every now and then. There just comes a time in our lives when we just have too much going on in our own lives to spend too much of my personal time adhering to this site when I have so much here at home(TN) to share with on an everyday basis. I have always had the belief that too much of any one thing is too much. When there is so much out there in the world to experience. When we become engulfed in something, over time it seems to dictate our directions in life and I like to have control of my own destiny. Obsessive compulsions are not a way that I choose to live my life. Living a life in control of ones self and sharing and caring for others in a world of demise and discontentment is a challenge in itself. Bringing a smile, a laugh, a tear, a helping hand, or just an ear to listen when others need to share their lifes experiences is often priceless. Most of us want better things in our lives, but you really have to look and realize that it all starts with you...You know you better than anyone else. Just like anything in this world, life has a balance in everything. When the world(eco system,work,play,love,friends,family,God) is in balance things tend to flourish. Same thing applies to our lives. When you find a balance in your life, it will tend to flourish as well. Take care, thank you all for sharing with me. Jessica
Bulls**ters Posted on Jul 17, 2007 at 12:54 AM
I think we all are bulls**ters on occasion but every once in a while I like to read and learn from some of the pro's on MM. LOL while I am makin' a funny,,,,,how do you spot a redneck macho woman in a crowd? any ideas?
echoes in life Posted on Jul 17, 2007 at 12:33 AM
Have you ever noticed how things often mirror life in general. Like when you misplaced your car keys and the more you looked for them the harder it came to finding them. When you finally quit trying so hard to find them, wow, presto it comes to you as to where you put them. I think dating often is a reflection of this. When we quit trying so hard to impress someone and find that special someone in our life and just relax and be ourselves, that is often when someone comes along and finds us or we can see clearly to find them. Personally, I think we all make life harder than what it has to be in most things we pursue. Sometimes the simple things are the most rewarding of all. A Laugh, a smile, a kind word, a gentle touch, a letting yourself be seen for the person that you are flaws and all. Otherwise we would all be the same, living in a rat race to see who makes it through life's maze first. Only to find that, it is no different outside of the maze as it was in the maze. As life has many directions and many choices. Whether you live inside the box or outside the box. You still have to decide which way to go. Only difference is outside the box there are no walls to guide you. As people, I think we all ask ourselves everyday, "What will I do next to fulfill me?" What do I do tomorrow and is it ever enough? What purpose do I have in life? Never truly enjoying in the things we have around us today. Everyone in life has a gifted talent or something to offer the world, what you do with the gift God has given you is entirely up to you. But if you don't use it you tend to lose it. Being the unique person that you are has it's reward in sharing with others. This reward is different things to different people. It is when you discover your gift(s), that one often finds a sense of direction in his/her life.
My experience on this site has been unique but yet cherished Posted on Jul 07, 2007 at 07:51 PM
I just wanted to share one last "Thank You" to all of you that have shared thoughts and laughs with me either in the blogs or our get together in Vegas this past April. I have learned from many of you the travesties we all face in finding " the one " and knowing it is not very different across the board for everyone. We all face something in our lives, although these things might often be different in substance they all have common effect on how we pursue those things in life that we all want and need in our own individual lives. Although I have not yet reached the pinnacle of my life as of yet. I take great joy in calling many of you my friends. For many times in my life it is friends and family that sustains me in my endeavor. So please stay in touch via email or give me a call sometime. Love ya all. P.S. For all of those that have not ever took the time to actually read the (about me section) of my profile know that it clearly states the truth in my person and who I am.
How much does stereotyping effect the dating world? Posted on Jun 12, 2007 at 07:46 AM
How many times do we often draw an opinion about someone before we even take a chance of getting to know the person? I often think it is in our human nature to draw opinions just on the stereotypes that we have either experienced or learned of throughout our lives. How many times have you said to yourself and or others. I know the type when meeting someone or talking to them for the first time? I am not saying that sometime the stereotyping is not accurate in it's evaluation of a person. But it is not always the case in every situation. But are we so shallow to not at least give a person the benefit of the doubt to get to know them as a person before we slam the door on them, making the assumption that they are like all the rest that fit your vision of what you perceive to be true. What are your thoughts on stereotyping?
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How often should a person update profile pictures? Posted on Apr 04, 2007 at 06:59 AM
I do think you should have some within the last year. Yet, I have some reservations at to how often they should be updated with new ones. Otherwise you take some of the mystery away. But to never update them would tend to make yourself questionable in someone's eyes. What are your thoughts on how often they should be updated? Well,,,,,,,maybe after Vegas. to wait. Curiosity is a terrible thing is it not?
Describe your funniest dating experience or fiasco Posted on Mar 28, 2007 at 03:26 PM
In twenty words or less...... this is a challenge. examples: lady, car(not your car), fogged windows, door opens, owner of car, parking lot. Man, elevator, nothing, fly undone, kneeling to fix shoe, door opens, etc. draw your own pictures..
Life is a balancing act, teeter too far one way and you fall Posted on Mar 28, 2007 at 03:01 PM
Think about it...One day we want life to be simple and complete and the next we want to teeter on the edge of insanity. Is there something about the rush of excitement or the tranquility of contentment that makes us step one way or the other almost daily in everything we do? I think we all want to feel alive and vibrant, yet have a place where we feel carefree and safe in our person.(hence the Simple Life) So learning how to find a balance in your life is almost existential in our existence. If you walk on the edge long enough you are sure to loose your balance and fall. If you take the safe and carefree path in life always, you tend to fall asleep and plunder into a feeling of uselessness and boring. So what are your thoughts about living on the edge or living life without challenges or something to drive you to feel alive? Are we more primate in nature than most ever take notice of in terms of our nature. A constant testing , searching, trying until we find the one or the place that fulfills our every need?
Loneliness, the heart factor that often chases infactuation Posted on Feb 09, 2007 at 08:24 AM
Loneliness, is it the driving force as to why so many often chase after someone according to physical traits vs. the inner traits? Is it somehow that we want so much to find that comfort of being held and admired by someone physically that we tend to jump into relationships just to pacify that lonely feeling. If only for a little while. Living with the hope it will grow to be more. Only to find that the relationship is not based on anything other than a physical attraction. Because we did not take the time to get to know someone on the inside first. Missing the things that really matter in what you seek in the long term of things, relationship wise. Loneliness often gets even the best of us.
OMG,, I was diagnosed with analglaucoma !!!!! Posted on Feb 03, 2007 at 01:19 PM
LOL I just could not SEE myself getting my BUTT up this morning.........Smile.....
Romeo and Juliet ( an epitome of love and hate revisted) Posted on Jan 30, 2007 at 11:33 PM
I just went to the Opera, Sunday evening and experienced "Romeo and Juliet" and saw a great resemblance to what often goes on in terms of people trying to live and chase after the impossible dream of finding the "one" only to find it filled with trials and hatred of others wanting to derail that which is prudent to their own self indulgence and perception of how it should be. It is often this kind of jealousy that often keeps people from finding and sharing in a possible true relationship. We are so influenced by the tripe of others that we can't seem to get past the fallacies that become us. So, in knowing these things, do we let others influence our actions in pursuing that which we want and need in our lives? To love and be loved by the one we search for. For in the end, nothing else matters. Just a thought, Jessica
Welcome to Blogville !!!!!!!!! @@@@@ Posted on Jan 03, 2007 at 10:23 AM
Hey ,,,,,,,grab a bag of popcorn and a drink and watch the next best thing to an evening soap opera and a midnight horror flick all rolled into one, on the MM central You people go to far with all of this....this is better and more stupid than comedy central. lol just plain silly for people to act in this manner.
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Things to realize in the relationship world Posted on Dec 26, 2006 at 02:21 AM
1. Trust is earned not given. Yet if it is not given then how can it be earned. Too many go into relationships not giving trust, because of past experiences. And in feeding this we often make trust a taboo......not giving it to be earned. Shaking and quivering at the slightest hint of doubt passed your way. Whereas Envy of others wanting what you have often will give this perception of doubt to you. Don't take away trust at the hands of someone else that wants what you have.This shows lack of trust and often leads to relationship failure. 2. Don't go into a relationship expecting everything to be perfect. But expect to work on perfecting the relationship. 3.Build Each Other. building and believing in each other and their uniqueness is essential. Make each other feel as though they are the best in your eyes. No matter how many flaws they might have. Work together to address each others faults and share in those things that will make each feel better about themself. 4. Sex is not love,,,,,love is many things and sex can be a very fulfilling part of it, if one is "in" love with their partner. This will often show itself to others when they see you together,physically and emotionally. When people see two people that are "in love" everyone can see it. Yet if it is just about the sexual attraction then everyone can see that too. so don't fool yourself into believing that a sexual relationship is a love relationship as you will often be disappointed in the long run. Unless a sexual relationship is what you want to begin with.Which is OK for some, but most women want more and probably more men do so too just maybe not as adamant about it. Men often pursue a Sexual relationships first with the hope it will turn into a LOVE relationship. Women often pursue a LOVE relationship First with the hope it will be a fulfilling sexual relationship.
PAY IT FORWARD..,, lets revive a young man's dream Posted on Dec 18, 2006 at 05:13 AM
If you have ever watched the movie "Pay it Forward" then you know how it goes...... each person has to do something nice and good for someone they don't know and it has to be something you would not normally do,(It can be as simple as opening a door for someone, to helping a homeless person, to saying Merry Christmas to someone you despise.) and that person in turn has to do the same for three people and see how far it goes. Share with someone this Christmas and will be surprised in how good this makes you feel to do something for someone and not expect anything in return, yet knowing they will pay it forward as well.
Lashing out or Venting frustrations in your own life Posted on Nov 25, 2006 at 03:45 PM
I have often wondered why so many get wrapped up in frivalous name calling and character attacks. It seems to me, and I understand often times it is an initial human response to defend ones character. But to relentlessly do so, often makes one question that persons own confidence in their own person and how they take view of themselves. Does this make them a bad person? Not necessarily, yet it does seem to shadow one character in terms of confidence in portraying their true self. A person who is confident in the portrayal of themself does not go to extreme lengths to defend ones character as it often speaks for itself in all that they are in all that they say. Jessica
Meeting for the first time........ Posted on Oct 16, 2006 at 07:23 PM
Do men and women take dating too seriously sometimes? To the point, they take all the fun and enjoyment out of the experience. Do we set expectations so high that we are often let down? Do people approach the first date as the date that will make or break a possible relationship? So much that people tend to extend their person as to conform to what they think their date is looking for. Trying to fit, do women think that by giving themselves freely to a man that somehow that would somehow better their chances of holding on? Do you think men are going to say no if you put yourself out there? Ask yourself would you want a person that would give themself so freely to someone they just met. Goes both ways. If the date is fun and the compatibility is there, chances are they will want to see you again. What are your thoughts?