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Dang Government! 3316 Views 04/07/13

Things that make you go......hmmmmmm.

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Important Message!!! 259 Views 11/03/14


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The Triple Crown 199 Views 06/04/14

It's Belmont week Chromies!!!

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Building Stuff 301 Views 05/06/14

I have been consumed for the last 6 or 7 months with building a new deck.  It wasn't very well planned....in fact it wasn't planned out at all.  I definitely could provide some input on what I should have done better.  Just one thing:  I used pressure treated lumber for the deck, which I wanted to stain so it wouldn't look all weather-beaten in a couple of years.  I picked the light gray.....but if you have any trees around...choose a darker color.  Even though I think the light color stays cooler...especially in bare feet....the trees are so messy and oak leaves leave a brown stain on the deck when they get wet.  *sigh*  I just leave my leaf blower out on the deck at all times!  lol 


What are you building? 

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Setting the Hook 636 Views 01/30/14

I would be interested in finding out what ideas people have, on what makes it hot in the beginning.  What is it that sets the hook??  Yes...I know chemistry....but what else???  What specifically makes the earth move when you first meet and then start to date someone? 








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An Unscientific Poll 347 Views 12/30/13

Are men intimidated by a certain type of woman? 


I hear over and over that men are turned off by a needy woman....yet women that possess the Marilyn-factor (vulnerability) capture their attention.  What's the difference between needy and vulnerable?

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Dear Santa 348 Views 12/11/13

Dear Santa,

I don’t want much for Christmas, I just want the person reading this to be happy.

Friends are the fruit cake of life – some nutty, some soaked in alcohol, some sweet – but mix them together and they’re my friends!

Love ya.


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I'M OFFENDED TOO!!! 183 Views 08/01/13

In 1975, NYC was on the brink of disaster….bankruptcy.  President Ford gave a speech that he would deny the city Federal assistance.  Suggesting that the second largest city in the world at the time should be allowed to go bankrupt was not popular.  President Ford went to an economic summit in Europe and was told by world leaders, that it would be viewed by the world if NYC went bankrupt that in essence America was bankrupt, resulting in a global financial calamity.  Ford reconsidered and gave NYC a federal loan, which was paid back with interest…and now NYC…Times Square, etc….is the pride of our nation!


Today, Detroit’s debt is 18 billion dollars.  On Thursday it became the largest city in American history to file for bankruptcy.  While Detroit suffered for years under mismanagement and corruption, often under Democratic officials, today Detroit is fast becoming the most Libertarian city in the US.  In many areas, there are basically no public services, decaying roads and bombed out infrastructure.  40% of the street lights don’t work at night, leaving a troubled city shrouded in darkness, where even police and emergency services have literally become optional.


And what is the Republican Governor’s solution???  Give up and fail!!  By declaring bankruptcy they have wiped the slate clean, setting the stage to privatize and carve up city assets.  In the process, city workers that have worked for 35 years and paid into their pensions are at risk of losing it.  Yet…they can guarantee the $500 million bond for a downtown arena!  I would hate to think what would have become of my father and mother in their old age if Daddy had lost his pension.


While conservatives want to blame the people of Detroit and the labor unions for the mammoth financial problems, I do not think that is a fair or full assessment.  A city cannot lose 300,000 manufacturing jobs over the last 30 years and have a sustainable tax base. 


Policies like free trade, outsourcing, withholding of State money from the city and deregulation of Wall Street which hurt the pensions and caused the housing crisis are all major contributors to the trashing of Detroit.  When a city loses 90% of its manufacturing jobs, the tax base erodes resulting in reduced public services, reduced public safety and a depopulation of an area….more eroding of the tax base.


America should care about Detroit and should care about all our cities.  After all….that’s where 80% of us live.  Detroit is a great American city!  We would never have won WWII if it wasn’t for Detroit and the American worker.  We nation build all over the world!  We spent billions and billions rebuilding Bagdad!  Why can’t we invest and rebuild Detroit???  Where is our love for American workers?  Where is our love for our community?


This is not a liberal or conservative challenge.  The de-industrialization of Detroit and this country is an American challenge!


A give up and surrender solution is not worthy of our great nation!!

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April 9th 130 Views 04/09/13

10 years ago today, the US Marines helped to topple the statue of Saddam Hussein. 






Things that make ya go….hmmmmm.





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GAS 2 Views 05/28/12

So, gas prices are down by 17 cents since last month, averaging nationally $3.67/Gal for regular gas.  For months Republicans couldn’t talk about anything else except gas prices, accusing President Obama of causing the spike in prices and wanting prices to be high because he favored alternative sources of energy.  Alternative energy would seem more competitive if oil prices were high.  *sigh* 


  Everyone knows that oil prices are set on the world market, not controlled by the US President… and it would be ridiculous for a sitting President to want oil prices escalating during an election year.  At least, one would hope everyone has enough savvy to figure that one out! 


 Given the logic used by the GOP, if President Obama was responsible for gas prices going up, is he now responsible for gas prices coming down?  Do you think he will be given any credit? If I was a betting woman….my guess is that it will be the same sour grapes as when Bin Laden was SHOT IN THE HEAD!!  Or like when the auto industry was SAVED!!


Lololol….Yes!  I do think President Obama and his team really should get some credit!  Oil prices spiked last spring due to fear, by world market and Wallstreet speculators that a war might very well break out with Iran.  President Obama, Secretary Clinton, et al have proven to be smart, pragmatic, Respected world leaders.  They don’t make it a habit of promoting war as an optimal strategy to resolve conflicts.  In fact, world tensions have calmed in regards to Iran….and gas prices have come down, much to the dismay of the saber-rattling Republicans.


Now if anyone wanted gas prices to go over $5/Gal, you can vote Republican and if they win maybe the United States will preemptively attack Iran!!  That’s what we need…..another empty suit, ex-governor that has already hired 37 Ex-Bush advisors to advise him on international politics.  Scary!!!  MUCH scarier than all that non-American, socialist, born in Kenya stuff told about Obama.

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End of an Error 169 Views 09/20/11
At 12:01 am ET today, the military's repeal of its Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy took effect. Top Pentagon officials declared in a statement "gay and lesbian soldiers may serve in our Army with the dignity and respect they deserve" from this day forward. This moment marks historical progress for the United States after 18 years under a policy that prevented scores of service members from being themselves. The armed forces of most developed countries have now removed policies excluding non-heterosexual individuals (with strict policies on sexual harassment). Of the 26 countries that participate militarily in NATO, more than 22 permit gay people to serve; of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and finally the United States permit gay people to serve openly. Other nations that permit gay people to serve openly in the military include the Republic of China (Taiwan), Australia, Israel, Argentina, Canada. Anyone that believes in that Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness “thingy” should be very proud today!!
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