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Why? 663 Views 01/27/16

While most Republican leaders have been fixated on Muslims getting into our country and killing Americans, a Republican.....has poisoned an entire city!  Seriously!  Poisoned an entire city!  At least 10 people have already died in Flint, Michigan in part due to the effects of the lead contaminated water!!  


Why has Governor Rick Synder not been picked up in hand cuffs and hauled off to jail…..along with his band of willfully negligent managers????


Why isn’t the Republican Congress having a hearing on what is going on in Flint, Michigan?  They love to hold hearings to “find out the truth” when Americans die!   I thought Republicans were the party of personal responsibility.  Oh silly me….that’s only for low income people!


Guess who Gov. Synder is asking for help from?  Yes, the big, bad Federal Government and our President!  So far, President Obama and the American taxpayers have pledged 85 million dollars of emergency funds to help the poisoned city of Flint and bail out their Republican government.  Most recently, Gov. Synder is requesting a Medicaid expansion to care for the long term medical effects of the lead poisoning.  That’s right.  Your child has brain damage, but no worries…..we’re asking the taxpayers for more Medicaid funds.



I’m not sure what kind of myth people have to convince themselves of…. to think Republicans can govern competently!!  



PS:  Don’t even get me started on the Republican Virginia Congressman who submitted a Bill to require public schools implement policies and procedures to ensure children only use anatomically appropriate bathrooms.  Underwear inspections????  This man needs the hard drive of his computer seized and checked for child porn!!! 


Someone please tell me WHY these people get elected????

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Here we go 138 Views 01/24/16

So I've been around here for a pretty long time and have participated in blog conversations intensely at times. In my view the Blogs are the most interesting thing about this website!!  I am very grateful to MM for allowing this opportunity to communicate with other 'real' members. For that reason I feel obligated to care for the privilege to be here. 


To the new comers I want to welcome you here and encourage you to share your ideas. While we enjoy viewing your very pretty pictures and saying "Hi", we would like you to create conversations by sharing your thoughts. You do have thoughts don't you?  Com'on....I promise....it will be fun!


Please don't make the blogs into a boring poster board for your profile pics. If you want to garner attention...say something!


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Important Message!!! 265 Views 11/03/14


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The Triple Crown 204 Views 06/04/14

It's Belmont week Chromies!!!

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Building Stuff 308 Views 05/06/14

I have been consumed for the last 6 or 7 months with building a new deck.  It wasn't very well planned....in fact it wasn't planned out at all.  I definitely could provide some input on what I should have done better.  Just one thing:  I used pressure treated lumber for the deck, which I wanted to stain so it wouldn't look all weather-beaten in a couple of years.  I picked the light gray.....but if you have any trees around...choose a darker color.  Even though I think the light color stays cooler...especially in bare feet....the trees are so messy and oak leaves leave a brown stain on the deck when they get wet.  *sigh*  I just leave my leaf blower out on the deck at all times!  lol 


What are you building? 

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Setting the Hook 667 Views 01/30/14

I would be interested in finding out what ideas people have, on what makes it hot in the beginning.  What is it that sets the hook??  Yes...I know chemistry....but what else???  What specifically makes the earth move when you first meet and then start to date someone? 








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An Unscientific Poll 356 Views 12/30/13

Are men intimidated by a certain type of woman? 


I hear over and over that men are turned off by a needy woman....yet women that possess the Marilyn-factor (vulnerability) capture their attention.  What's the difference between needy and vulnerable?

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Dear Santa 371 Views 12/11/13

Dear Santa,

I don’t want much for Christmas, I just want the person reading this to be happy.

Friends are the fruit cake of life – some nutty, some soaked in alcohol, some sweet – but mix them together and they’re my friends!

Love ya.


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End of an Error 170 Views 09/20/11
At 12:01 am ET today, the military's repeal of its Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy took effect. Top Pentagon officials declared in a statement "gay and lesbian soldiers may serve in our Army with the dignity and respect they deserve" from this day forward. This moment marks historical progress for the United States after 18 years under a policy that prevented scores of service members from being themselves. The armed forces of most developed countries have now removed policies excluding non-heterosexual individuals (with strict policies on sexual harassment). Of the 26 countries that participate militarily in NATO, more than 22 permit gay people to serve; of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and finally the United States permit gay people to serve openly. Other nations that permit gay people to serve openly in the military include the Republic of China (Taiwan), Australia, Israel, Argentina, Canada. Anyone that believes in that Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness “thingy” should be very proud today!!
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