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Blog title: Road Less Traveled
Blog description: This blog should become a collection of my poetry and brief articles on the profound, profane, and my sense of irony/humor about just living life. I hope that you enjoy my writings!
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TWIN SPIRITS Posted on Wed, Apr 05, 2006 00:00
The following is a poem that I wrote on a dare that was published in a poetry anthology. My friend gave me the title and dared me to write a poem of quality in an hour. This particular piece a little more formal than I usually write professionally, but it seemed to be appropriate at the time. It may be a bit far out there for some folks, but others might appreciate it. "Twin Spirits" A Vision Of Creation Powered by Vast Energy Light As The Root Love as the Eternal Source.... The Omniscient One became Myriad Manifest Launching Light from Love Atomic Energy Unbridled And Free Crystallizing the Masterpiece of the Cosmos This Cosmic Ocean Of Light Then Formed Points of Light As Observers Of It's Sheer Majesty Discovering It's Nuances and Mysteries Reveling In Unbounded Consciousness Some Points of Light Split through Free Will To Explore Different Directions Hurled By the Fluid Fire To Become Twin Spirits These Spirits Rejoiced in Their Revelations But Had Somehow Lost Their Other Half Their Journey Had Led To Earth Not Knowing Where Their Twin Could Be Lifetime After Lifetime They Searched Crafting Their Numerous Stories In The Third Dimension Of Dichotomy Heart Ever Questing With Ceaseless Desire Through The Thrilling Victories & Bitter Losses Chained By Attachment & Aversion The Totality Of Aeons Ago Was Forsaken In This Grand Illusion Called Reality Then In The Dawn Of One Glorious Day One Spirit Came Upon The Luminous Eyes Of Another Filled With An Awe & Wonder Never Felt Before Yet Seemed So Complete And So Familiar In A Flash Of A Second Eternity Beckoned In Recognition Of Their Long Lost Twin Consumed By The Yearning of Primal Passion Enraptured By Love's All-Consuming Bliss Unified In The Totality Of Ages Old Fused Into The Ultimate Love Two Twin Spirits Spiraled Into the Heart of God
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