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Good looking, normal chicks or Barbie Dolls? Posted on Mar 25, 2014 at 10:17 PM

For men only:  


I've noticed so many men utilizing their possessions, titles, and interesting descriptions of the luxurious lifestyles they'd provide to the right woman.  I'm curious to get the real scoop about what men feel about giving things to a woman or providing for her.


So, If a man is financially secure and can obviously have anything money can buy, does a good looking, normal woman have a chance ...or is having a perfect Barbie Doll as your 'cherry on top' the only thing that interests you?  


And, whether she's an ordinary woman or a super model, are you ok with a woman who wants you to finance her every need and/or want, who potentially may be considered by most to be very high maintenance?


(Note: I'm only asking.  This isn't something I'm necessarily looking for myself.  I'm just new to this site and am trying to decider the terrain.  ...Don't get your boxers in a bunch!  Lol)