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Invisible Me... Posted on Fri, Apr 11, 2008 18:03
I really thought I would find a better class of men on this site. It never mattered to me the name of this site... My intentions are not to put my "claws" into a millionaire... I actually prefer a regular guy over a millionaire because I always thought that they were more grounded and had better imaginations... Now I dont think there are any honorable, decent, goodlooking men out there at all. I dont deny that the outside package is the first thing EVERYBODY looks for, but what one person sees as goodlooking another person will see ugly or nothing special. What I have come to figure out from this site as well as others, is that I am seen as nothing special in all mens eyes. I never claimed to be pretty, but I know I am more than nothing special. I guess no one will ever get the chance to really know me because I am not wrapped in a beautiful package that holds lots of money. I am just me... Invisible Me...
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I am real! Posted on Sun, Sep 17, 2006 00:25
I can prove it.... If I wasnt real and chose to use a fake pic, believe me I would chose someone ALOT better looking! lol! I was hoping that isnt a private party and that anyone who is real is welcome.... I hope everybody isnt really leaving... I just got here!