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Why???? Posted on Nov 27, 2006 at 06:47 AM
The blogs since the first time I got on it, has been nothing but a mine field, put your head and it gets chopped off, everyone is on edge or at logger heads with another. For the past 4wks or so, everyone was a little at rest, just blogging happily without really trying to break the fragile peace that seemed to be reigning but now, it does seem that war has once again gained the upper hand and I don't just understand the reasons behind it all. I live a simple life with many friends, and we don't always get along all the time, but whatever happens to us, we don't sink low as to start calling each other names or writing false statements about each other FULL-STOP. The world is filled with much hate as of now, and the one place we all need to calm down and relate to each other as humans we can't even do that, that is sad indeed. In real life, we all have someone that has said or done things we don't care for much, but we don't chase them around all the time calling them on it, or do we? I dont know, but I Know this much, I don't. Is it because this place is a really small community when you come to think of it that we behave this way? or is it that we want to put one over another? Ladies and Gentlemen lets all embrace our differences and atleast when someone upsets us, we can try and let them know without the name calling and back biting that seems to go on here, and sort the hindering problems as civilised humans we all claim to be. You can use this blog as a place to air your differences but please no low blows or name calling, just the other side of the stories and there's always the other side right? God's speed to all of you.
Scam Posted on Aug 14, 2006 at 07:50 AM
What is scam? Why do people believe that anyone from Africa is a scammer?, Sure you have some, but not all Africans are scammers. I will tell you what a scam is!, A scam is when you potray Jesus Christ as a caucasian, Is there any other bigger scam than that, This is the biggest scam in the world, Was it done by africans? You seem to have forgotten all the rotten things that cauasians from Europe and Americans have done to the rest of the world too numerous to mention. Put on your thinking cap, and think about all the hienous atrocities. The Africans, looted, all their indeginous artifacts stolen, people made into slaves, some dying through the quest of making money, and to survive after all has been taken from them!, People like Martin Luther king, killed because he believed in equality, Malcom X for stating and standing up to the white oprressors!, How many blacks were paid back in compensation for what they went through?, the Jews were compensated, why not the BLACKs? Do we not now, still try to fight our way?, It's all good to say about an african scamming a causasian, what about cauasians, scamming Blacks, not even scamming but taking by force? Explain that. Awaiting your comments.