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Blog title: Lady Travel Partners
Blog description: Ladies are any of you looking for travel partners? I thought if we haven't found the man of our dreams maybe it might be fun to find a group of women who whould like to travel together. Anyone interested? It would be fun with a good group of women. Let me know who is in!!!!
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Millionairematch 208 Views 09/09/12

I got a note in my inbox that says Millionairematch would like for me to come back and start blogging again, I am checking this out to see if it's real or not? I used to blog here a long time ago and can't believe that you could even find me to ask. Have any of you got the same note? The note said that they reviewed my old blogs and thought that I was a positive imput, go figure! lol To all my old friends on here, I have missed you guys! We used to have a great group. I hope this finds you guys all doing well! Hugs

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Happy Holidays to all 173 Views 12/19/07
I wish for you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I wish for you a smile on your face and family and friends to share it with. I will be spending the day watching my three granddaughters open all their presents. I can't wait, this year should be loads of fun because they are old enough to enjoy the day. I will be cooking all day but it will be a joy with my family with me. Geniek please send JLogan a Merry Christmas from me, I hope his family enjoy the holidays. Hugs to all of you and remember all the blessings that you do have and not think of the things that we think we need.
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MM Girls Nite Out!!! 181 Views 07/20/07
I went on the site and set up a girls night out last night and was pleased with how many showed. This might be something you might consider in your area. A great way to meet new friends and to compare notes!!!!!
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Vegas Pictures 737 Views 04/17/07
Hey guys here are a few pictures that I had to share with you....Hugs to all!!!
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My Toast for New Year!~!~ 150 Views 12/31/06
May the sun shine brightly on your faces, may peace and harmony creep into your homes, may health, wealth and prosperity walk with you everyday and may love find it's way into your hearts. This is my toast you each and everyone of you, that includes Healey and Trey!!!!! Happy New Year to all of you....Now what are you toasting to???
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True Joys Of Life 209 Views 12/24/06
Let us all take this time to be grateful for all the things that we do have this time of year instead of what is lacking that we want. I am grateful for my healthy family and for my two granddaughters and the one that will be born Jan 10th. I am also happy for the fact I have started working out and that I too am healthy. I have a home, car, food and friends that I can call on if I need them. If we all sit back and reflect we can come up with lots of things to be grateful for. I wish everyone of you a Very Merry Christmas and if some don't have family to be with remember all the things that you do have that so many others in the world don't. Be safe, be warm and most of all be happy. BJ
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Where Are You My Love? 433 Views 12/14/06
Where are you. I really thought by now we would have found each other and most of the time I am very patient waiting but with the holiday season coming on I guess I am just missing you. I was so looking forward to having Christmas dinner with you, sharing your family with you and you sharing mine with me and looking forward to them all leaving so that it would be just the two of us. I was thinking a roaring fire in the fireplace and a glass of wine and the two of us just going over the events of the day and laughing at the kids and what fun the day was looking forward to catching a plane the next day to St. Lucia just to chill out on the beach and get away from all the cold weather. I know you are somewhere waiting just like I am and when we finally do find each other our days will be filled with laughter being silly like two little kids because we will be so happy that we can relax and just enjoy the rest of our lives. I'm here my love just waiting for you. Merry Christmas eventhough we are not together but I'm looking forward to all the rest of them with you. All my love, BJ
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MM E-Mail From Santa Claus!!!!!!! 1634 Views 12/06/06
I got an e-mail from a MM Mr. Santa Claus today and was wondering how many of you did too! Let's all see if we can figure out who it is. I think I know, and will be able to tell once I see how many of you got one too. Let's solve the mystery!!! HO! HO! HO! WHAT FUN, come help me out!
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