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Hello from Durham, NC Posted on Fri, Apr 14, 2006 11:29
Well work today at the Durham Arts Council is quiet as all get out..Very few people are in town and definitely very few are checking out the art today.....and a lot of the staff isn't in......But I have still had a fun couple of days..Last night went to Disco Rodeo and saw Robert Randolph throw down and the day before that I was at The Talk of the Town checking out my friends' Open Mike both events, there were some cuties but no chemistry...of course not talking to some of them that I was interested in might have had somethng to do with that..SMILE..... The Radio Station Monday we had our funddrive going on and this came on the heels of Durham Art Walk and Full Frame which is like a documentarians equivalent of Sundance....Oh well as always keeping busy..but needing to find Ms. Right who wants to be a Queen in Public and a Freak at HOME!!!!
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