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updates please!!!!!!!!! Posted on Jan 26, 2007 at 08:46 PM
I have been gone for a while, being busy, I am trying to get back into the blog mode. what's new and what's cooking, who is with who, why, when...etc is the bar still open?
I am back home!!! Posted on Dec 25, 2006 at 07:31 PM
I am back home and to the blog world as well. After living and working a year and a half in France, living in Spain, I am back and decided will not move for a while... Scottsdale, AZ it is to me the most beautiful place in the world. I missed the sun and the sky of this perfectly built place... I know, I am getting patriotic now...I love US and here is where I belong. Merry Xmas to everybody.
Men: Do you have to have the chase?Women: What do you think? Posted on Nov 26, 2006 at 06:24 PM
I personally think that 2 people interested in each other should meet somewhere in the middle. Is like playing catch with a frisbee,is not a competition and there is not a winner.You are playing well, when both people throw it so the other person can catch it.I do not mean that I see it as a game, it is a comparison only. Or maybe I see it as a game? *wink* When finding a mate requires a chase remember what Darwin said: "it is only the slow, weak, or sickly that can be caught". Reading the books: "he's just not into you", "why men love b*tches", and many others, they all sustain the opposite of Darwin's words. Any thoughts?
Remember-the little things will be remembered most Posted on Nov 20, 2006 at 05:36 PM
I am tempted to spend my life hoping it's going to be better later. I look forward to promotions, events, vacations and highlights -all are wonderful things to anticipate. Focusing too much on these rare instances, I can miss out on the ordinary, incredibly special events that do happen on a regular basis - sharing a beautiful sunrise or sunset with someone I love, the beautiful smile and laughter of children, the smell of fresh coffee in the morning... These are the things life and memories are made of. I constantly remind myself to look for and to appreciate the little things...and guess what?, my power of observation gets sharper. I see ordinary experiences in an extraordinary manner... In the end, it's the little things that matter the most. *smile*
Woman with farm seeks man with tractor! Posted on Oct 22, 2006 at 12:28 PM
Worst ads of all time! Bring it on! *** smile ***
***What side of the bed must you sleep on?*** Posted on Oct 15, 2006 at 10:48 AM
Ok, when alone I choose the side by the door. When not alone, by the window, or not the side close to the door. I guess the explanation is simple as that : If the burglar comes in, when alone, gotta deal with it, as fast as I can. *** smile*** When not alone, let him deal with the issue, I'm out the window... ***smile again*** Yeah, I'm just selfish, I know. I hear ya! ***smile***
A must see........ very funny............ Posted on Oct 13, 2006 at 09:58 AM
A lot of you might've already seen it, but for the ones who didn't, just watch the "Karaoke for the Deaf" clip...make sure you have the song in the background. *smile* David Armand, Comedy Central, The Hollow Man.... Do not sue me, this message is not intended to offend anyone, okay? For the ones who cannot access it from the internet, can send it to you by email. Have fun!
Do women really want successful men? Posted on Oct 13, 2006 at 06:27 AM
It is self-defeating for a woman to be attracted to a man because of his ambition, only to feel rejected and resentful once a relationship with him has begun, because the focus of his energies continues in the direction they were in when they first met. The ambitious, driven men is unconsciously riveted to his goals and driven by his anxieties.His energies cannot be readily divided between his partner and his work, simply by an act of conscious intention. Many successful men try and fail in this endeavor. Women attracted to externalized, goal-oriented men need to recognize that this unconscious process cannot easily be changed, and in fact is likely to intensify with time.Women who become committed to such men need to recognize the personal limitations and struggles inherent in such a relationship, because the components of his success drive include: An external goal focus A competitive orientation An analytical or intellectual approach to problems A controlling, ego-centered style An autonomous, enclosed, self-protective posture of not needing anyone A tendency to manipulate people and situations to gain advantage The more driven the man, the greater the degree that the preceding traits exists and the more they will interfere with his capacity for emotional, intimate involvement in a personal relationship. To presume that a man can simply alter his priorities is a tantalizing illusion and one that is unrealistic and destructive to the relationship. Many women believe that it is simply a matter of intention and desire on the man's part, and that if he "really wanted to", and if he "really cared", he could give more of himself to the relationship. This generates anger and hurt in women who feel they are treated insensitively by the self-absorbed , success-driven man. Inevitably he will be seen as self-centered, distant, controlling, insensitive, and manipulative. The man feels misunderstood and bewildered by such an interpretation of his motives, because he is convinced that he is acting in responsible, loving ways. To love him as he is, or wants to be loved, is to avoid distorting or reacting critically to his loving intentions: to avoid lumping him into sterotyped and sexist categories; to avoid expecting responses from him that he cannot give because of his conditioning; and to avoid placing unfair blame on him for things that go wrong in the relationship. Acknowledging the limitations and the struggle of both sexes will free the relationship from the defeating, distorted interpretations that make it seem as though men alone bear the responsability for being insensitive and unloving. On the other side,the easy way would be "he's just not that into you"..... Over and Out!Next! I've been on both sides... * smile * Which side you do choose?