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How important is purity these days? Posted on Mar 01, 2014 at 07:58 PM

I have a piece of cloth with virgin blood impregnated in it. It's way over 7 years old... based on my calculations... around 10.



Now, I know you ladies and gentlemen are already bored with my 1m$ request, and yet.. would you see this put to some interesting work?


And, I really do have plans to prolong life.




Are there true artists around, that would be interested in this remarkable masterpiece? It should be considered special, since purity is so fragile these days.




The romance in it is remarkable, and I would love somebody using it in a nice artwork.

Maybe a nice documentary..

Can i have a million bucks? Posted on Jan 27, 2014 at 10:20 AM

Why? Cause I genuinely deserve it. My so called friends have stole from me while i only did good to them.



I'm a really inventive guy, and i have ideas to revolutionize the world.


How about a business that is self ballanced between rich and poor? I won't give any more details because my idea is brilliant and i don't want anyone to actually steal it from me.


My ideas are both unique, mismerizing, AND revolutionary. But i lack finances.



Why not?

Some people have more money than they could spend in two lifetimes. Just act eccentric, and maybe even keep in touch so you can see what happens.


By the way: i consider myself to be a .... believe it or not, Saint.

 I know way too much religion, without actually reading the holy book.



underneath me there are some ladies that haven't left their appartment in 300 years... yeah, that's right. 3 millenia.


With a million bucks, i wouldn't waste it on booze or anything like that. Maybe some occasional weed. 



There are people out there that have so much money... what could you possibly do with more than 3-4 million dollars? Nothing. But there are people that own hundreds of millions.


The most expensive car in the world is 1.4 million...  The most expensive things in the world... aren't all that expensive.



Out of your excess, give me some, so i can enjoy myself while fixing the world.





By the way: us humans, after we die, we reincarnate in animals.


New breeds of animals are reinvented, as humans die.


I'm a genius that resembles Bill Jobs, or Stevie Gates.


The logo of Apple = Adam and Eve. They ate the Apple...


I know Fibonacci, and a lot of ancient secrets.


Just ask away anything about how the world works.



So that makes me a smart millionare. Now, all i lack is my first million dollars.

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Religion Posted on Aug 13, 2013 at 01:11 AM

I've been enlightened.

Dunno why, but now i understand how almost everything is connected. And even the smallest fly has a purpose.


Did you know that:

+magical healers are real?

+every disease is man made, and it's a gift from God, in return to the cruci fiction?

+people and animals can actually communicate through thoughts?

+God is the combination of all our thoughts?

+We live in a magical world, and we don't know it?

+soulmates are the fuel behind art?

I know so much theory. Is there somebody here, with which to talk about this?

I've discovered the secret to happiness Posted on May 17, 2013 at 02:49 PM

A happy life?


Everybody on earth has a path to happiness.
It's ridiculously simple.
Honesty, and then, freedom.




Sometimes, people get stuck. This is because of their surrounding friends.


You need guys that understand women.


All women have a childish side, some have forgotten about it, while others should have had one, and ofcourse, you all need a gentleman.


Somebody that offers to help with your seat at the table.




And guys need women. It's the only way of becoming a true gentleman.




Anyway, the answer is honesty. It sets you free.
But in order for it to work, you need to find the right types of people.


I've noticed that negative people are all around us. I'm so tired of them. Negativity is caused by lying. Why the fuck would I hide who I am? For what? Life has it's ups and downs. Why would I hide anything? It's who I am. Why would I want to be somebody else? Honesty makes you trully free. And happy.


i know it may not seem like much of a revelation, but everyone seems to have forgotten it.