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Of PEACE AND OF LOVE 4 Views 08/29/10

Hello Everyone! Welcome!

This space is dedicated to reach out to the reader in order to share my consuming intentions. I am looking for friendships, collaborations, and also a one true long lasting personal relationship with a man who can offer me a fullfilling, mutually supportive, enriching relationship.

I have left my day job in order to focus now in the creative expressions of my passion in music primarily, and secondarily, other forms of arts, such as painting, theatre, success & happiness skills coaching and hypnotherapy.

I am vibrant, socially very intelligent; my emotional IQ is quite high. I like to sing, harmonize, play the piano (improvisation keep me very flexible and expressive), cook and dance sometimes, and maintain physical, mental, spiritual exercise to maintain a well-balanced life.

As I am considered quite competent in the things I do, I am looking for someone who can balance with me.

An Anonymous quote:

" Give to the world the best that you have and the best will come back to you; give love and love to your heart will flow, a strength in your utmost need."

Note: For now, my picture is found in my profile, but I will soon download a few to the blog cite.


Sparkling Gem

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