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New Friends in Seattle 95 Views 12/21/06
Happy Holidays. And A Happy New Year! Last year in the Swamp, Opening new firm in Seattle. Will split time between Seattle and Fort Lauderdale. So any new friends and Contacts in Seattle would be greatly appreciated. Fair is fair if you are in the design industry and wish to be introduced around here, let me know. All the best for the New Year! ~Aaron
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My first Blog on MM 22 Views 04/18/06
My first Blog. Well now, I had been a way for a while, but now back for a month or so, and low and behold! MM has gone all 20th Century! *smile* I used to keep up a blog, maybe this time I will keep up with it. Suffice to say, if I do keep this going, it should be full of random nonsense that might make you laugh or think about a deep philosophical topic, either way it would have done it's job *wink* Good to be back Speak to you all later ~Aaron
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