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Wake UP! Call... Posted on Sep 07, 2010 at 04:59 PM
In Superbroke, Superfrugal, Superpower?,” Thomas L. Friedman cites Michael Mandelbaum, the Johns Hopkins University foreign policy expert and states “….. America has gone from being the supreme victor of World War II, ….. to “The Frugal Superpower” of today.” “We can’t afford to invade Grenada today.” ” ….. for the next decade at least, being a leader in America will mean, on balance, taking things away from people.” ” ….. the cuts are coming – you can already hear the warnings from Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.” ” ….. “all forms of government-supplied pensions and health care (including Medicaid) constituted about 4 percent of total American output.” At present rates ….. “they will account for a full 18 percent of everything the United States produces.” ” ….. foreign policy in the second decade of the 21st century and beyond will be ‘less” ” ….. important feature of U.S. foreign policy over the last century has been the degree to which America’s diplomats and naval, air and ground forces provided global public goods ….. “ “No country now stands ready to replace the United States, so the loss to international peace and prosperity has the potential to be greater ….. “ “How to mitigate this trend ….. three things: • First, we need to get ourselves back on a sustainable path to economic growth and reindustrialization …..” • ”Second, we need to set priorities ….. in foreign policy terms, both what is vital and what is desirable.” • ”Finally, we need to shore up our balance sheet and weaken that of our enemies, and the best way to do that in one move is with a much higher gasoline tax.” “America is about to learn a very hard lesson: You can borrow your way to prosperity over the short run but not to geopolitical power over the long run. That requires a real and growing economic engine ….. “ “There was a time when thinking seriously about American foreign policy did not require thinking seriously about economic policy. That time is also over.” “An America in hock will have no hawks ….. “
Don't Bother with Marriage?... Posted on May 27, 2010 at 02:31 PM
... just find a woman who hates you, and buy her a house. (This is an excerpt of my comment on another blog, regarding people you meet on this site) ************************ Jen, I am in agreement with you. I am NOT looking for just anyone to marry... I doubt anyone is. There are a couple of points to make/clarify: 1 - This is a sales/marketing tool. To that end, everyone on here is 'selling' themselves. Spin it however you may like, that's what it is; 2 - As such, we endeavor to put forth the best possible 'advertisement' we can; 3 - There is no governing rules that stipulate online dating 'Truth in Advertising'; You can make up a completely false persona and sell it here, free from prosecution (but not from Blah-gland PERSECUTION, as witnessed quite often on these pages!) 4 - Men who 'serial date', 'parallel date' or any other multi-dating process (regardless of whether they are/aren't resulting in sex) are derogatorily regarded as 'PLAYERS', whereas; 5 - WOMEN who do likewise refer to themselves simply as, "But I am JUST DATING." interestingly enough, those who have said this to me are also those same women who have selected 'marriage/serious relationship' on their profile, have been interested in me in a serious manner long enough to know me and to know if I am or am not 'The ONE', and just as things are going great... they disappear. No fights, arguments, disagreements; no advanced warning, no lame excuses, nothing except perhaps a 'Dear John' email or worse yet, a TEXT!!! How pathetic can one be, anyway?) I could go on and on, citing various examples. I can also point to several wonderful, meaningful friendships created between myself and women with whom I've developed deep emotional connections to; women who got to know me just as the 'candy store shoppers' did; women who, because of geography, jobs, children, bitter ex's, cannot relocate, nor could I do so at the time. No animus, no hard feelings or spiteful words. No letters, phone calls or texts telling me we're suddenly not right for each other but "Can we still be friends?" Yeah. Right. Um, let me get back to ya on that one, okay? In summary: there are a lot of wonderful men and women on here. Distance is a prohibitive factor for everyone - I don't advise going the long distance relationship route, for all the reasons previously cited. I do advise you vet your potential mates wisely; This doesn't mean asking for their driver's license and SSN, for crying out loud! Have fun, ask questions, watch body language. Spend Quality time together - not just an hour every other week. Don't commit to paying someone's expenses to meet you... this only results in bad feelings later. And most importantly, YOU will NEVER be happy with ANYONE if you're not happy with YOU. All the money, toys, trips, clothes, great sex, wining and dining will NEVER amount to more than wasted dollars if you aren't comfortable in your own skin. (Well, maybe the sex part is okay... :-) ) - Mark "Why bother with marriage? Just go find a woman who hates you, and buy her a house."
ObamaCare - A Taste Of Their Own Medicine...Literally Posted on May 26, 2010 at 08:06 PM
FLEMING HEALTH CARE UPDATE As the author of H Res 615, a resolution calling on Members of Congress to enroll in the public Health Care plan, I have an important update. Due to an overwhelming response from Americans across the country to my office, the health bill recently signed into law will indeed require members of Congress to abandon their federal health benefits and enroll in the newly created exchanges. While those of us who supported this important requirement have won the first round, we have not won the war. There is a move afoot to “fix” the language of this provision. That's why it is important for me to communicate with you and provide you with information as it is available to me. Together, we can make sure the people’s voice is heard. Sincerely, JOHN FLEMING, M.D. Member of Congress
Put your money where your suppository goes... Posted on Feb 07, 2010 at 07:59 PM
*** Do YOU find it odd that those who are voting in FAVOR of 'OBAMAcare' are opposed to signing up for it for themselves and their families?*** FLEMING HEALTH CARE REFORM UPDATE - From John Fleming, MD, R-Louisiana Update on H.Res 615: Call on Members of Congress to Enroll in the Public Option Because you have previously contacted my office by email in support of H. Res. 615, my resolution calling on Members of Congress to enroll in the public option, I wanted to give you an update. Like many of you, I am deeply concerned that Congress will press forward to enact an intrusive government administered health care plan, despite the higher costs and lowered level of care other countries with similar systems have experienced. You will be pleased to know that more than 100 Members of Congress joined in support of H. Res. 615, my common sense measure calling on Members who vote for an intrusive government-administered health care plan to enroll in that system. Since launching this effort, nearly 3 million Americans like you have contacted my office in support of H. Res. 615. In response I offered an amendment to the Democratic Leadership health care bill to automatically enroll all Members of Congress and all Senators in the public option. Predictably, my amendment was rejected out of hand by the Majority and was not given a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives. Common sense seems to have failed us in the health care debate. That is why I offered a resolution asking Members of Congress to put their ¿money where their mouth is¿ and call for Members who support a public option lead by example and be required to enroll in the public option themselves. If a Member is willing to vote for such an option, why shouldn¿t they enroll in it? THE DOCTOR¿S DIAGNOSIS: There is no doubt about it; health care in America must be reformed. The answer, however, is not an intrusive government administered health care plan. As a practicing physician for over 30 years, I am concerned that the kind of ¿reform¿ being debated back and forth on Capitol Hill will insert Washington bureaucrats between patients and their doctors, burden the middle class with new taxes, and raise insurance premiums for almost everyone. That is unacceptable ¿reform.¿ I will continue to work to represent you and to bring common sense back to this debate. JOHN FLEMING, M.D.