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Day 12 134 Views 06/13/10

Today has been an amazing day; ah, true bliss is made of these gilded moments! Not only we are in the year of the Dragon (aren't we?), but we are past the equinox (or was it the solstice?) of Spring and as the solstice (or was it the equinox? I am rather inclined to believe it is an equi-nox, that is: equal nights, which is also very politically correct - down with the prepotence of daylight!) of Summer approaches, I feel that my energies within are truly reinvigorating and i feel chatty, chirpy and, on the whole, I feel quite well as I flap my callow wings and the breezy gusts of summer winds tingle my armpits and ruffle their hair.

But that was just the beginning of an asotnishing day.


In fact, I just discovered that the Malaysia man I have been talking with on the internet for the last ten years about those much wanted and belated dvds, is actually a she!


Now, can't life be truly grand at times? Now, I only have to hope she also looks terrific, and then who knows what might ensue?


I gave search a chance, and in turn it returned (lo!) a result: the dvd set I have been desperately looking for in the last ten years, and whose excruciating details I have been briefing you about hour by hour in the last 3650 days, do not exist; or, at any rate, it seems they existed in region 1, but since I am in region 2, what was sold in region 1 can't be found as easily in region 2; now, region 2 was actually region 1, however in the last 2 years region 2 stemmed from region 1, so that now we have two different regions, and as it often happens with divorces, they're not in good terms with each other.


I wonder what should I do with all my previous dvds that i bought in region 1: in fact, they have been outlawed in region 2 and i just discovered I have been charged, by the county sheriff, as a fence. This ought to be fun, yet I don't feel like going to jail today.


I don't know whether you're going to comment on this, actually I don't read the replies I may get, and at any rate when i read them, I don't find it paramount to answer them. Since walking on the sidewalk on my hands rather than on my feet is allowed, for at any rate certainly it is not prohibited, I'm going to do it all the same.


I only hope that no interloper comes along my way daring to keep a diary him/herself: i find it very annoying when they do that, just taking advantage of the fact I have skipped one day of my most interesting adventures, that make those of Tom sawyer look like a nuisance in comparison.


Now, taking temporary leave of you all for today, forgive me if I must escape, but the car of the sheriff just parked in front of my porch and i suspect he may want to have a word or two with me about that dvd issue. I'll tell you more about my dvds later, stay tuned!

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3 humble ideas to improve MM blogs 142 Views 06/11/10

The blog can be a great feature for MM members to get to know each other.

I suggest as highly advisable 3 more features:


1) as a member logs in, all the posts where s/he has contributed should appear flagged in some way (a star, whatever). This helps keeping track visually, and can be very easily implemented.

2) in the summary, not only the author but also the author of the last reply ought to be mentioned (just like in the forums): in this manner all members can promptly detect which thread they have taken part in may have received one fresh reply at least.

3) arguably, the most recently updated thread ought to jump recursively on top of the stack - or an option to sort threads in this manner ought to be provided.


Unless this all is already implemented somewhere and it escaped my attention, I humbly suggest these changes to the blogs of MM, for I am positive they would greatly enhance users experience at a minimal programming cost.

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