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It CAN happen! 256 Views 08/20/07
Well, my 32 years of single life is coming to an end. I have met someone that I could write a book about, but let's jsut say she is definitely the one. I proposed last weekend and we're shooting for January. I'm Persian and she's Indian (not casino Indian, computer Indian), so we're going to have a very colorful and authentic ceremony. By the way, anyone know where I can rent a few camels and elephants in south florida? ;) So, you hear all the sob stories on here everyday, just thought I would share a good one.
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Greek Islands Trip ?'s. 252 Views 05/21/07
Well, I've taken a total of 3 (yes THREE!) weeks of vacation in the last two and a half years, one of those courtesy of Wilma. So, I am planning a 10 day trip to the Greek Islands this summer. My initial thoughts are spending days 1 and 10 travelling and spending the middle eight, half in Mykonos and half in Santorini. Anyone have any input as to other islands that are "must-see". It is much appreciated.
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Miami #1 Road Rage City 202 Views 05/16/07
Miami was just ranked #1 road rage city followed by New York and D.C. So, I just wanted to remind all of you when you come down to visit me . . . . Get the f*%k out of my way!!!!!!
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