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Happy Valentine's Day to all at MM Posted on Mon, Feb 14, 2011 10:00
Happy Valentine's Day! OK so you haven't found your soul mate yet, and you don't have a date for tonight. What do you do? Bum out? Forget it is V day? I'm for going to treat yourself like you are the best Valentine ever! I don't think I'll buy myself a card, but I will buy a few little 3 packs of Lindor chocolate and celebrate me! Hey if someone else hasn't noticed yet how wonderful I am, I can. Going to have my few little chocolates, some candles in the bathroom soaking in a favourite scented bubble bath. Dress lovely and like I am going out tonight, and make myself a lovely supper to eat by candlelight. My niece is staying with me so I'll buy her a Valentine and some chocolate too and enjoy the evening. What do you do on Valentine's Day when you don't have a date or beau/gal? Ignore it? Enjoy it? or what? Either way have a great day and know someone out there loves you... YOU for starters, family, friends....your dog or cat. The world is better cause your in it. Thanks for being here!
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The snow is gone! Posted on Sat, Apr 19, 2008 19:29
I know this may not be too exciting to you especially if you live in the southern states, but we have just had one looooong winter. Started getting very cold in Oct. had snow on the ground and was very cold on Halloween. Then it still snowed again for a couple of days, the first week of April. We were on "Enough already!" Grand total of 360 inches or 144 cm. of snow this winter, over 7 months. So last week it started to rain and get warmer in the daytime, and slowly all the snow in the yard except for one last little bit in the shade, was gone this morning. Today it got up to 64F, and I had a couple of guys come over and clean up the yard and driveway of sand and salt. I have patches of GREEN GRASS! WOO WOO!! The crocuses and blue bells are coming out and blooming, a sure sign of spring here. Then as I was putting away the yard tools at dusk, noticed my first few mosquitoes. Ok definitely a sign of spring! So how's your weather???
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HI Posted on Sun, Apr 13, 2008 16:50
Well I haven't done this before on here! I've read a few people's blogs and it seems asking questions gets some response. OK Why are all these older men, who are not in the best of physical shape, looking for that model to show off on their arm? Why do they think when you say curvy, they are thinking of Aunt Matilda with the 4 chins and no waist? When I say curvy I mean curvy! Yes I'm not a size 0....who is? Not most over 40 women I know. Heck not even alot of teenagers my son knows! However if my waist is still 10 inches smaller than my bust and hips, that is an hourglass, curvy figure. It may be a large glass but then there is just more of the female parts to love! What do you think?
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