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Blog title: Romantic Relationships
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I believe romantic love can be a path of personal growth, even spiritual development, as well as the greatest joys on Earth.

My blog address: http://MillionaireMatch.com/blog/0026GoddessAayla
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Chivalry, come back...! 117 Views 03/10/14

Hi Everyone,


Do you love chivalry?


I am longing to meet more people who value ethics, especially when it comes to chivalry.


More and more, I've noticed that Female Led Relationship, Tantra, & FemDom and other

"alternative" lifestyles have become popular.


I believe this is because simple chivalry is often too rare and women have needs and desires too...


Perhaps God did make us to civilize the world?

Men are just as important as women, to be sure, but what will inspire more chilvary?


Self-respecting women, perhaps?

What are your thoughts on chivalry?

Do you find it prevelent in your Life? 

What do you think of FLR, Tantra, or

other attempts to "honor the feminine"?


Recently, I read an article about why women get fat. Lack of intimacy, both physical and emotional.


Wouldn't chivalry help? Women melt when their man treats them like a princess, or at least, a lady.


Imagine a world where women are happier because they have a man who is kind and chivalrous.


Many say American men are not as emotionally mature as say European men, but American men tend to be better allies to women.


Can we make such generalizations?


Heady stuff, but very important on a practical level.


Don't you think?



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Favorite Romantic Ideas 183 Views 03/10/14

Moonlight swims, weekend getaways, chivalry/gallantry, country drives, drive-in movies, horse-drawn carriage rides, picnics, asking for my amazon wish list, trails of rose petals leading to a surprize, singing together, giving me long massages, walks on the beach, in a fragrant garden, or a forest, impressive wine or champagne, dressing up for candlelit dinners at restaurants with lovely views, upscale dance clubs, relaxing by a fireplace, cooking class, spa visits, whispering loving thoughts in my ear, sending fresh fragrant flowers, love letters, slow dancing, cuddling as we gaze at the night sky, endearing gifts for a goddess, and watching sunsets. It's about connecting, mind to mind, for sure, but it's so much more powerful & fulfilling when it's heart to heart. Can you think of any more?

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